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artificial intelligence (AI) He is advancing by leaps and bounds and is perceived every day as our ally. One of the latest developments of ChatGPT. This is its new version: GPT-4o. This latest version of OpenAI’s ChatGPT promises to bring several unique improvements that will not only make it more useful, but also more accessible to the general public. Let’s see what these new features are and how we can integrate them into our daily lives.

OpenAI held a spring event where it unveiled a new version that is faster than the previous one. Many thought it was an alternative to Google search engine, but this new version of ChatGPT has more new features and is smarter than ever.

What is GPT-4o?

Well, this is the latest version of ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence developed by OpenAI. This intelligence is based on architecture transformation of a neural network trained on text data (large volume of data) to thus understand and generate text in a coherent and relevant manner. Not only does it have better understanding capabilities than its previous version, but also are able to better understand the intricacies of human languageso the language you use will be more in line with them.

The main innovation of this version of ChatGPT, in addition to improved ability to understand and generate more natural and human language. The questions that can be asked now are more complex because there are more parameters inserted and training is more controlled and comprehensive.

Another interesting thing is the increase in speed. ChatGPT-4 had a response speed of about 2.8 seconds, but the new lesion responds in just 320 milliseconds. This will help you improve endlessly. conversations and make them smoother.

Another new feature of GPT-4o is that it now has more features such as process text, images, sound and video. It offers us all these features in addition to real-time translation.

This new version of ChatGPT transforms conversations between machines and humans into something more fluid and natural, creating intimate chats with different tones depending on the conversation and the mood of the person the AI ​​is dealing with.

How can I bring all this new ChatGPT-4o news into my daily life?

  • You can use it to help you on a writing level. An example of this is posting on social media, writing emails or reports, etc.
  • You can use it like a tutor who will help you with your studies. It can help students of different ages understand the complex concepts of any subject and act just like a tutor.
  • A more complete immersion in this area business, You can also use ChatGPT to improve Support. Ask frequently asked questions that your customers have by asking them about the situation that is happening in your company and in this way they can help you resolve those doubts and later you can use them to create a personalized chatbot on your website , which will resolve doubts.
  • Besides all this, you can ask him to give you a creative idea. Whether you’re looking for inspiration to write a book, tell a story, run a marketing campaign, etc. GPT-4o can help you bring your most creative ideas to life, both visually and in writing.
  • If you are a bit of a disorganized person, keep in mind that ChatGPT can help you with your Planning and organization. Help him by giving you information about how you want to plan your days so he can make a detailed plan and help you make lists and plan tasks.

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