Almost 7,000 euros cheaper than Ford Kuga: a good alternative

He Ford Kuga It is a model that, although it cannot boast of being one of the leaders in its category in our country, can boast of being one of the most interesting purchases currently on sale on the roads of Spain, among other things because that it passes to be one of the best SUVs in terms of price/quality ratio.

Taking into account all promotions and discounts, the price for this model is slightly lower 30,000 euros andIn the case of the simplest version, this is the version that comes with Gasoline engine with 150 horsepowerlinked to a manual gearbox and even more than correct standard equipment.

Obviously, this is a model of considerable size, intended for those drivers who seek not only to have a model for everyday use in intercity urban conditions, but also to have a model capable in terms of carrying capacity and habitability.

Of course, the main problem with this model is that it is in the catalogue. Ford where you can find one of the best alternatives Kugathe model is almost 7,000 euros cheaper, and this has a very strong argument in its favor.

Puma is an alternative to Ford Kuga.

It’s nothing more than cougara model that is one step lower in segments and, therefore, loses in habitability and carrying capacity compared to its older brother.

However, it should be taken into account that this cougar boasts that one of the models in its category has a trunk with a larger load capacity, exceeding 450 liters, so the difference in relation to its older brother in this sense is not the same as what usually exists among other manufacturers between urban SUVs. and compact SUVs.

Where this model really matters is in the price-quality ratio, among other things because the affordable version of this model has a price that is approx. 23,000 euros but in which she can count on an easy microhybridization system in Gasoline engine with 125 horsepower strength that allows you to demonstrate DGT IVF label, something its big brother can’t, at least in the Access version.

Thus, given that the vast majority of trips during the year by drivers are in the city. Spain They are not carried out when the car is loaded to capacity; it is no coincidence that a segment of urban envelopes has appeared, cheaper, with lower consumption and dimensions more suitable for everyday life in intercity urban conditions. has grown, as it has recently.

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