already activates third-party chats and warns about possible consequences

This great change that WhatsApp must adhere to is already starting to be implemented in a new beta version in which Possible consequences of using this new experience are indicated.. A chat app owned by Meta must leave space on its home screen to allow messages that the user receives from apps like Telegram, Signal, and others to be seen.

Digital Markets Act forcing tech giants to make big changes in the most commonly used applications, reluctantly. What we want to reward is to create enough spaces in which other less popular applications can also “co-exist” and thus avoid, as far as possible, a possible monopoly.

The phrase “if you don’t use WhatsApp, you don’t exist” (as can happen with Apple’s iMessage in the US) is being avoided thanks to the Digital Markets Act, which has forced the chat app to make some very important changes to its experience. . In fact, now in beta version WhatsApp for Android You may find a warning on the welcome screen about possible consequences of using these chats.

Possible consequences

Information sent from the screen, which is understood as It will be available to all users of the chat application.. These notices do not mean that it is very secure, as Telegram and other companies have sufficient measures to protect user privacy. These are the notices you can read:

  • You are communicating with a person outside of WhatsApp. Third party apps will use a different type of end-to-end encryption.
  • Spam and insults they will be more common in third party chats.
  • Third party apps have their own recommendations. and they could manage user data differently.
  • And in small print– Third-party chats are offered to users in European regions in accordance with their legal requirements.

Here’s how WhatsApp warns users about third-party chats


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Just below you can find the button to activate third-party chats and another option for learning more about this new experience. In fact, it warns the user that receiving a chat from another application may have its consequences, especially in case of the possibility of receiving a malicious message, since it is assumed that according to WaBetaInfothat the message received will not be associated with a name or photo (which sounds quite strange).

There is no need to be scared either, since an application that can activate this feature to make your chats go to WhatsApp will surely have enough resources for this, so it will remain among the most used ones, such as Telegram, Signal and many others. That is, privacy and security will remain the same, with the only difference being that messages will be received from other applications.

There is another important fact to take into account, and that is that this third-party chat experience This is completely optional. and the user can deactivate it at any time. Its expertise is based on compatibility, and for example, if Telegram is installed on a Windows PC and not on a mobile phone, when activated, Telegram messages on WhatsApp will be received on the smartphone.

It is currently unknown when this new interface will appear in the final version of WhatsApp, but The first step was made thanks to a development that is already active in beta. so you can start optimizing your experience, fixing bugs, and soon you’ll be able to see what the interface will be like for messages from other chat apps.

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