Alzheimer’s discovered through blood test and other good news of the week

Good Sunday and Happy World Day of Action Against Global Warming, also called World CO2 Reduction Day. The idea is to raise awareness among all citizens of the serious danger posed by changing of the climate for the environment and all people. This reminder coincides with the hottest week of January in Spain as it sets records. Although it seems like spring, we continue in winter.

We also congratulate Takes it And Thomas who today celebrate their saint, an unforgettable January 28th also for Parisians. On this day, but in 1887, the first stone was laid Eiffel Tower. Meanwhile in Denmark, 65 years ago, a carpenter Ole Kirk Christiansen registered a patent for LEGO, the most famous building game in the world. That’s why today we also celebrate International LEGO Day. By the way, the brand is an abbreviation of the Danish word “Leg Godt”, which means “to play well”.

But perhaps the anniversary most fitting for this roundup of weekly good news is the recording of an iconic song. On January 28, 1985, the most famous voices of the time met in a studio in the USA to record “‘We are the world’. Topic written Michael Jackson And Lionel Richie to fight hunger in Africa. It was a sales phenomenon.

Let’s now move on to the good news that we told you about this week in your media, on RNE, TVE and By the way, if you have good news worth sharing, please email it to us. or to our make fun of 686 549 460. We have begun.

Alzheimer’s disease detected through blood test

This is still research. But this is the second study in less than three years, analyzing twice as many people and with the same results. This time, in addition, Spanish researchers from Hospital Sant Pau in Barcelona. This is a blood test that can be used to diagnose Alzheimer’s disease. accuracy 95%. This is news.

For those of you who are more interested in the details of the scientific issues, phosphorylated protein TAU 217 (p-tau217) acts as a biomarker and shows high reliability in identifying this pathology. But the best part is that you read the news on

The term “disabled person” is excluded from the Constitution.

This Thursday Finally, the reform of Article 49 of the Constitution was finally approved, eliminating the term “disabled person”. It will be replaced by the expression “person with disabilities”. Our companion RTVE in Castile-La Mancha, Ana Villajostold us how associations such as CHERMY or Down Toledo. After this change Sergio Serrano published in RTVE News report in which he brought together the voices of experts and protagonists to explain how “words shape and transform society itself.”

AND Prado Museum, as if he had read our colleague – and following the reform of Article 49 of the Constitution – revised his posters to avoid any discrimination. He told us Luismi Palaowith his own and always close style, in this work news release.

The Prado Museum is revising its posters to avoid discrimination

“Conversation” with a whale

Let’s continue the beauty. From museums to nature and from fighting discrimination to connecting with other living things. So, a group of scientists managed to have a brief “conversation” with a humpback whale. How do you stay? But this is just the beginning. journalist specializing in science and technology. Samuel A. Pilar This week he told us that the purpose of this experiment with whales is nothing more than to develop filters that will help decode signs from other planets. Come on, using the language of whales, scientists want to search for extraterrestrial life and communicate with what might be there. And no, this is not science fiction, this is modern science. Don’t stop reading Samuel’s article. I left it for you above this paragraph.

More trains to Valladolid (and Segovia)

And if Ferrol celebrates, the capital of Castile and Leon is not far behind. In April, high-speed trains from the French operator Ouigo, Children under three years old are admitted free of charge and it only charges a fee five euros for children under 13 years old. The French operator will stop in Segovia.

IN Salamanca The good news is that citizens of all political persuasions have united to demand these trains, which abound in other capitals of the same autonomous community. Up to 15,000 SalamaniansAccording to local police, they supported the concentration on Plaza Mayor, demanding improved railway connections, including the opening Silver route.

Wallet card for the poorest

Poor people who usually don’t spend much time on news have their place on RTVE. It turns out that the food aid system, which did not allow distribution fresh food was reformulated. From now on, every family with children experiencing an economic downturn will have a wallet card to be able to go to the supermarket. This system also aims to eliminate calls “hungry lines” which apparently are not liked by those who have never needed. The new format of assistance will start working in April.

Two Spanish films for three Oscars

“Snow Society”from Bayonne, and “Robot Dreams”Berger has been nominated for an Oscar in 2024. Jesus Jimenez on the website Bayona’s film is up for an award best foreign language film already best makeup and hairstyle. Pablo Berger nominated for an award best animated film for adapting Sarah Varon’s graphic novel.

Benidorm Fest arrives: destination Malmo

And as a must-have recommendation for this week, we have Benidorm Festival. The first semi-final will take place Tuesday 30 January, Second semi-final, Thursday 1 February. The four people with the most votes from each semi-final advance to the grand final of the tournament. Saturday 3 February, from which a song will be released that will represent us at the Eurovision Song Contest, which this year will be held in the Swedish city Malmo May 7, 9 and 11.

And here is a sample of the good news that we told you publicly and summarized for you on the last Sunday of the first month of the 24th year of the 21st century. May the day be favorable for you and I wish you a good morning. We will read to each other in seven days. Here it is, forever.

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