Amazon is getting robbed because of this special edition Harry Potter box set!

Killian Bonamy

How not to give in to the advances of this Harry Potter box set which includes all 8 films of the cult magic saga that takes us to Hogwarts?

Do we really need to do the introductions when it comes to Harry Potter?

This rhetorical question is in fact not one a priori, as the impact of what was originally a literary work by JK Rowling was felt. We can say without going too far that the cinematographic adaptation has very little equivalent on the earth’s surface, in particular because it has known how to mark several generations in a universal way!

The Harry Potter box to immerse yourself in this fantasy masterpiece!

Let’s imagine that there, right away, you have 19 hours and 39 minutes to devote yourself to an interesting activity, how about refreshing your memory based on witchcraft?


With this box which includes the 8 movies, it’s a real Harry Potter marathon that awaits you, at least insofar as you have planned everything you need to accompany this privileged moment. take it out plaidthem drinksand especially the food adequate, because you won’t be able to leave your cocoon anytime soon!

Relive the defining scenes that shaped the Harry Potter universe!

Logically, we all have our preferences regarding the story of this magician with extraordinary powers. In the long list of misadventures in which the scarred hero as well as his two acolytes Ron and Hermione find themselves on board, you will inevitably find something to fuel the feeling of nostalgia that inhabits you.

By watching the Chamber of Secretsthen The Prisoner of Azkabanbefore continuing with The Goblet of Fire and the order of the phoenixinevitably, some memories will resurface, with their share of inseparable emotions.

If you are still not satisfied, contemplate the two parts of the Half-Blood Prince before ending with The Deathly Hallows (also split into two films) should serve as the grand finale, once again making you realize how much Daniel Radcliff, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson grew up alongside us!

The point of watching a saga like Harry Potter again is also to spot script elements which had escaped our vigilance, as the subtleties are numerous. Which is somewhat like a challengebecause it has something exciting, since this second reading provides new sensations.

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