Amazon is using its tools to solve the problem of depopulation

Amazon and designer Andreu Carulla join forces to tackle depopulation in Spainas part of an initiative developed in Gistein, Sobrarbe region. Here for ten days the creative director of restaurants brothers of rock created objects using tools purchased through Amazon and elements of the environment itself. With this initiative, the designer and Amazon aim to highlight the duality between the growing trend of remote work and the availability of services provided by platforms such as Amazon.

“My hopes were justified, I liked it.. I don’t know how to explain that this initiative must develop and I will have to do it again, because here you can work and there are services. The meat is fantastic, the bread is excellent, and there were no problems with the service.j. People are very experienced, extremely noble and have completely different knowledge than that acquired in the city.. Immersion in nature gives them the ability to be self-sufficient and brutally survive, for me it was a pleasure.”

This project not only focuses on labor mobility, but also seeks to highlight the connection between remote workIt’s the ability of services like Amazon to positively impact at-risk communities.

Creation of an object by a designer

Creation of an object by a designer
Pau Carulla

The Catalan designer from Banyoles claims that by choosing Gistáin for this project, “aimed at preserving and promoting the rich craft heritage of the city, in addition to demonstrating labor mobility. And I chose Gistein because I was looking for a remote place with a picturesque landscape, where there was water, because conceptually it was wealth, it was a city with less than a hundred inhabitants who lived all year round, and where there were some handicrafts. tradition or one who worked even with his hands. When you cross these data, you get ten or fifteen places, and I chose Histaine.” Andreu Carulla comments on this newspaper.

Weapons to create

There are people here who could work: musicians, writers, designers of all types, fashion, products, graphics, especially creative profiles, for whom a different environment gives us a lot of weapons for creativity.”

Regarding the work he did in Giestein, he notes that he was used to creating design “very industrial, very precise, down to the millimeter, and when I saw that the tools I had few of them or had to look for them with little precision, I had to change pencils and take the thickest one I had. For drawing I usually use 0.3 millimeters and 5 for thicker lines. and that the design came out in accordance with the tools I had, and everything took off from there.”

Among the projects he prepared in Gistaine are a table and a bench. “With a very rough design, everything is very wild and takes you back quickly.” to the place where we were. We also made some bowls, like the shepherds who used warts, as they call them, from trees. I felt like I inherited unwritten knowledge and nothing academic.It was a fantastic experience.”

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