Amazon sells cheapest DJI drone with top-end camera at retail price

When purchasing the best drone, it is important to consider several aspects. Besides the battery, it’s interesting to know what type of user you are and who it’s intended for. Are you a beginner or want to give it to your child? This is a great model! DJI never disappoints with its high quality materials and premium features.

Ideal for beginners

DJI Tello is a small but powerful drone that delivers an unforgettable flying experience. It is very lightweight (weighs only 80 grams) and has a design that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. Its design is resistant to any drops and impacts. And despite its small size, it is equipped with a high-performance battery that will allow it to fly 13 minutes. This time is more than enough for those who begin to pilot devices of this type.

Even though this is a drone for beginners and kids, it gives you the ability to do up to eight different tricks simply by moving your finger across the screen. So you don’t need to have such precise knowledge to handle it with ease. It also has a “bouncing” mode that allows you to take off and land from your hand. It even allows you to create your own flight patterns.

DJI Tello drone

DJI Tello has a built-in camera that records high definition video and takes photos with a resolution of 5 MP. So even though it’s not 4K, you’ll still be able to enjoy decent quality. It also has smart features and preset effects so you don’t have to do much editing afterwards.

Another argument in favor of this method is that it has stabilization electronics that ensure all images are viewed clearly. To add to this, it has a very easy to use mobile app that allows you to manage everything precisely. Please note that you can stream in real time up to distance 100 meters. This is plenty of range, especially due to the more limited battery life. This is a good model to start with or as a gift for little ones.

Take advantage of the lowest price

Amazon has cut the price again, almost reaching its lowest level in recent months. With this modest 27% discount, its price drops from 115 euros to 87.20 euros. Considering the characteristics and brand, this is a great opportunity to save a lot.

If you subscribe to Amazon Prime, you will be able to enjoy shipment for free. Due to low stock levels, you may have to wait a few more days until the item is ready to ship. However, even if they warn that delivery will take several months, most often they are sent before they receive the goods.

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