Amazon spent 600 euros on this monster laptop with 16GB of RAM and fast charging

If you are looking for the best laptop, it is interesting that you consider some of its key features to avoid wasting your money. The main thing is to reconsider its capacity and performance, as well as its autonomy when we work outside the home. This Lenovo has everything you’re looking for, especially for its impressive price.

Screen 15.6 inches with high resolution.

The Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming 3 Gen7 is a laptop designed to deliver the best possible performance. It features a high-quality 15.6-inch Full HD screen with a 165Hz refresh rate. This makes everything look crisp, vibrant in color and completely smooth. You will enjoy games and movies in the best quality.

Although none of this would be possible without the 14-core Intel Core i7 processor, which gives you solid performance and multitasking at top speed. It also has 16 GB of RAM (expandable up to 32 GB) and 512 GB SSD hard drive (which can be expanded up to 1 TB). So, you will notice that this is a flexible computer with fast boot times.

lenovo laptop

This beast of a Lenovo laptop packs a punch Graphics card NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060, with which you can enjoy impressive graphics performance with 6 GB of memory. It also features Ampere technology, RT Cores and Tensor Cores for realistic ray tracing and exceptional performance for demanding games and creative applications.

Another advantage is that it has a system cooling which helps keep the temperature under control if you use it intensively for several hours. This is also true in silence to make it convenient to use. Moreover, it has an elegant design and minimalistic style, so it will go unnoticed if you are using it outside your home or office.

As for connections, they exist. WiFi 6 so you can enjoy a smoother experience with less lag and low latency. It is ideal for gamers and workers who need a powerful computer.

Take advantage of 43% discount

The discount that Amazon gave on this laptop is amazing. Never before has it been so cheap, so it is considered an authentic gift from the Three Magi. The 43% discount brings the price down from €1,399 to 799 euros. Yes, you will save 600 euros on one of the worst Lenovo computers.

Luckily, if you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber, you’ll be able to enjoy free shipping and fast delivery in just 48 hours. So he will arrive just in time for the most magical night of the year. If you’re not already a Prime customer, you can get a thirty-day trial by signing up using this link. Do not think about it!

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