Amber Heard attacked Johnny Depp after the trial: “Until the day I die I will…”

More than two weeks have passed since the controversial trial in which they faced each other ended. Johnny Depp Y Amber Heard and that had the whole world in suspense. The actor had sued her ex-wife for defamation, she filed a counterclaim, but finally the jury agreed with him. Although the court determined that the actress had to pay him just over 10 million dollars, it is not yet known what will happen to that amount.

However, although many would believe that after being very bad standing in court, the star of Aquaman She was going to lower her profile and stop talking about her ex-husband, it wasn’t. While the figure of Pirates of the Caribbean He enjoys having cleaned up his image and publicly demonstrated that he is not an abuser or abuser, the blonde continues to send hints against him and it was learned that he gave an interview in which he spoke about it again.

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