Amber Heard denies being cut from ‘Aquaman 2′

In recent weeks there have been several rumors that the scenes of Amber Heard in Aquaman 2 they have been removed. This as a result of the result of Johnny Depp’s trial against her, whose verdict indicated that the actress defamed the actor, but can her time as Mera really be coming to an end?

Amber Heard denies being cut from ‘Aquaman 2′

Although the traditional media has not confirmed the information, several people claim that the actress has been eliminated from the sequel. Other rumors add that, not only will Heard be written out of the film, but her role will be recast with a new actress and retakes.

However, nothing has been confirmed and the actress’s team denies that Amber was eliminated. “The rumors continue as they have from day one: inaccurate, insensitive and a little crazy”a spokesman for the actress told TMZ. Meanwhile, Warner Bros has remained silent and has also not confirmed that Heard has been eliminated.

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Amber Heard admits her involvement was cut

On the other hand, there were also rumors that Amber’s screen time had been significantly reduced, a fact that the same actress confirmed in her testimony at Depp’s trial against her.

Jessica Kovacevic, the actress’s agent, noted that Warner Bros told her that Mara’s role was cut due to chemistry issues with co-star Jason Momoa.

According to Heard, in testimony about why his roles were reduced, he said: “I had to fight very hard to keep my career. After I got my temporary restraining order, I missed opportunities. My jobs got cancelled. I was eliminated from a campaign that I had filmed. I fought to keep my job on the biggest movie opportunity I’ve had to date on Justice League, with the Aquaman option.”

They gave me a script, then they gave me new versions of the script that had removed scenes that had actionwhich represented my character and another character without revealing any spoilers: two characters fighting with each other. They basically took a lot out of my rolesaid the actress.

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