Amber Heard hired a detective to frame Johnny Depp

More revelations come to light about the controversial relationship between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. This time, the actress risked making a controversial decision before starting the defamation trial that he faces against his ex-partner.

according to the newspaper Daily Mailthe interpreter of Aquaman would have hired a private detective to collect evidence or statements that could incriminate the actor during the legal confrontation.

According to the information, Heard required the services of Paul Barresi to spy on Depp. However, the work did not go as the actress expected. This is confirmed by the detective himself in reports collected by the aforementioned medium.


In addition to lacking incriminating evidence, several testimonies collected by the agent agreed on the friendly and generous character of the interpreter of “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

“I went to America, France, Italy, Britain, everywhere Johnny Depp went, I couldn’t find a case or even an admission of him physically abusing a woman. He’s like an angel. No one said anything.” derogatory thing”, details Barresi.

“I interviewed dozens of people who had known him for three decades, and no one had a bad thing to say about him. In fact, they couldn’t express enough how generous he was,” explains the detective.

The truth is that Barresi highlighted the loyalty that exists among those close to Depp. However, the only negative aspect he found was that his circle was “strange and disgusting”.


During his intervention in the defamation trial, Amber Heard brought to light an episode of violence that the actor would have committed against Kate Moss, his ex-partner. The interpreter said she was aware that Depp had used physical violence against the model at the time they lived an affair.

Amber Heard’s mention of Kate Moss would make Johnny Depp’s defense summon the model to testify at the trial, as it would do so in favor of the actor.

Although there were strong discussions during the relationship between Depp and Moss, the version that Heard brought to light about the alleged aggression has not been confirmed by the British model.

Even in 2012, Kate admitted that Johnny Depp took care of her like no one had ever done. “There’s no one who could really take care of me and Johnny did. And that’s what I missed afterwards.”


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