Amber Heard is the most hated person in the world as the online female thread flourishes.

For the first time, an annual ranking of the personalities the world hates most has been published on an American website. If there is a parity of appearances on the list, which includes 15 women and 15 men, and the featured persons, then the podium is exclusively female, a sign of the decomplex sexism that exists on the Internet.

Voilà encore une riche idee. Probe location Ranker Debut entered the top 30 celebrities of 2024 with 400,000 votes from 31,000 internet users. I repeat CosetteThis class is a condensed summary of decomplexed misogyny or women trusting prime positions, co-authors of sexist and condemned sexual violence.

Amber Heard took the premiere position

In the previous two classes, you will close the process of the ultra-mediational opponent of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. Ce dernier attaquait son ex-épouse en justice pour defamation, after publication, because this is the last video in this video Washington Post où, sans le nommer, elle sous-understand that the actor lui avait fait causes spousal and sexual violence. During the trial, Amber Heard carried out a large campaign to convict and censure element on line without precedentjewelry in the excellent documentary film by Cecile Delarue, Factory du Mensonge. Johnny Depp, Louis, defended himself while only one group of fans walked in front of the tribunal and in a straight line.

Condamnés tous deux pour avoir mutuellement nui à la reputation de l’autre, l’actrice avait fini par s’exiler en Espagne sous un faux-nom tandis que son ex-mari, triomphant, foulait quelques mois Laterd les Marches de Cannes, écrasant cinq ans de #MeToo in the aisle.

This is Amber Heard, who was created as a personality plus hatred of the Internet, and her characters – Bill Cosby (8th position), P. Diddy (7th position) or Chris Brown (10th position) for an encore, warned, that the aggressors alone are presumed or not to be the beneficiary of the right to property.

In a double-take, in Meghan Markle’s hindsight, she was also the victim of racist cybercrime following her 2018 wedding to Prince Harry. États-Unis. Une fois de plus, le classement de Ranker Est bien la preuve que le cyberharcèlement et la haine en ligne ont de beaux jours devant eux.

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