Amber Heard once revealed that she wants to copy Angelina Jolie’s career: “I can’t think of anyone better”

In early 2022, Amber Heard appears on screen every day, but not as an actor. Between live TV, streaming coverage and daily summaries, his bitter libel trial against Johnny Depp puts them both in front of millions of people every day. Heard’s career may never be the same again, but prior to her marriage, divorce and court proceedings with Depp, she said she wanted the career of model Angelina Jolie. So far, she has done a decent job.

Amber Heard wants a career as Angelina Jolie

Heard discontinued his acting concerts in 2012 after 2011 The rum diary (the movie in which she and Depp met) hit theaters, according to her IMDb page. She returned in 2013 with Syrup, ParanoiaAnd The machete kills.

I Heard spoke to Vanity Fair’s Krista Smith during the promotion of Paranoia (via YouTube). At one point, Smith asked Heard if there were any actors she admired. Almost instantly, Heard mentioned Angelina Jolie as an inspiration.


“I can’t think of anyone who has better achieved the kind of trajectory I admire better than Angelina Jolie. She really exploited life in the public eye and used it to her advantage instead of living the life of a recluse because you feel exploited by the general public and paparazzi-obsessed culture.


Jolie’s years as a star may serve as inspiration for Heard’s career, but there’s more to what Jolie does than what we see on screen.

Jolie is more than an actor


Jolie has built her name as an actor with notable films like Interrupted GirlMr. and Mrs. Smith, and Maleficent. He hasn’t stopped acting, but Jolie has become famous for much more than her roles.

The Wanted star has several production credits to his name, including two Maleficent films and the Oscar-nominated animated film The Head of the House.

Jolie has several directing items on her résumé, including several films she has also produced: From the BAFTA-nominated Sea First They Killed My Oscar-nominated Father Uninterrupted and In the Land of Blood and Honey. She wrote the scripts for By the Sea, First They Killed My Father, and In the Land of Blood and Honey .

Outside of Hollywood, Jolie’s career could be more impressive. She is known for her world-changing humanitarian work, including being a goodwill ambassador to the United Nations, starting a foundation in the name of her adopted son and fighting for refugee rights in Afghanistan. Her humanitarian work led her to receive a rare honor from Queen Elizabeth II.

Aside from their levels of acting fame, certain aspects of Heard’s career echo that of Jolie.

How Heard’s career mirrors Jolie’s

Heard’s career doesn’t include the same level of stardom or multiple Oscar nominations as Jolie, but there are similarities.

She has no writing or directing credits on her résumé, but Heard was a producer of Syrup as well as And soon the Darkness. Heard starred in both films.

Heard also put his name and fame to good use. She spent time in Jordan serving with the Syrian American Medical Society to help refugees from the Syrian civil war. She is a human rights champion recognized by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner.

Another similarity between Jolie’s career and Heard’s is the bad end of a high-profile relationship. It’s a less tasty connection to share, but one that needs to be noted.


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