Amber Heard returns to her fans after filming DC movie

Aquaman and the Lost Royaume This is sorted in the cinema on December 20th. There are a few minutes of Amber Heard and her in the film. Alors qu’Aquaman 2 comb to serve the audience in the halls, the actress – to address the fans.

Amber Heard thanked fans for her life after the outing

Amber Heard will appear in Aquaman 2

The Moens that I can name is the second Aquaman adventure that fans will love. If the premiere film with Jason Momoa on the poster is ready to cross the barre symbol into billions of dollars in 2018, Aquaman and the Lost Royaume Register $272 million worth of prescriptions instantly..

Rapelons ku’Aquaman 2 This is the premiere of the film in Amber Heard’s office after the proceedings against her ex-husband Johnny Depp.. Actress and Mera incarnate, d’Arthur’s company, que le le avait pu voir pour la Premiere fois dans le Film Justice League.

In 2020 A request is now available for Amber Heard to return from the film.. According to fans, Depp’s career in Holywood was ruined. Well, in May 2022, finding herself in court, Amber Heard provoked a dispute in claiming to have implementedAquaman 2James Wan, expect a repeat of the script in this film, but drastically reduce the scenes with his characters.

Amber Heard in Aquaman 2

Effectively, Amber Heard thinks three hours into Aquaman’s final adventure. Seulement une dizaine de minutes. Pour James Wan, the will of the studio, which does not know the actress. Gives an interview Entertainment Weekly– explained the implementer Avait. Avoir fait un choix scénaristique mettant le personanage de Mera en Portrait dans ce deuxième volet I compared the premiere film:

Today I remember Prime Minister Aquaman talking about Arthur and Mera’s journey and Arthur and Orm’s second conversation. The premiere is a mixture of romance, action and adventure. The second is a mixture of bromance, action and adventure.

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Amber Heard remembers fans for her life

Ainsi, fifteen days after the sortieAquaman and the Lost RoyaumeAmber Heard addressed her fans by posting a message on her Instagram account. In the publication, the actress, who is in Mallorca in Spain with her daughter and Bianca Butti for a walk on Friday 2020, I squeezed a confession out of my fans for them to read.”unchanging essence :

“After all this time, Aquaman becomes fait des éclaboussures (désolé, c’est trop facile). Merci à tous me fan pour le soutien indéfectible et leur amour pour le retour de Mera dans Aquaman. Merci beaucoup.”

Ce qui est quasi sur, c’est que le public ne reverra pas Amber Heard dans un Aquaman 3. Everything is like Jason Momoa… After checking the box office receipts of this opus, the studio is going to start producing a new episode. La faible performance de ce volet montre effectment que Spectators – the latest in superhero movies. It remains to be seen whether James Gunn and Peter Safran will come into DC Studios news and change the trend. The premiere of the new DCEU film will be Superman: Legacy which will be present in the halls on July 9, 2025.

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