Amber Heard shared a rare photo of her daughter Oona Page

Il Fallait S’y Attre, after failures Black Adam, Shazam 2 and etc. Flash, Aquaman and the Lost RoyaumeYou can watch this issue on December 20, 2019 at the DC box office. In addition to the questionable quality of James Wan’s film, the rapper, who was not released due to troubles, rumors of chaos on the tour (ce qui a maintes fois retardé sa date de sortie).

Amber Heard posts photos of her daughter

On ne peut pas non plus oublier the whole drama of the authorAmber Heard, Mera’s translator, is in a full-fledged legal battle with Johnny Depp’s ex Maria. A victim of an uncertain movement hallucinating among the actor’s fans, a petition signed by millions of people demands a return on the film. In the end, they act as this menu, and the device is set up for minutes. Bref, based on the promo, he doesn’t look like you!

Purtan, Amber no pas Rancunières. The actress, party vivre en Espagne, posted a message on Instagram in which she remembers her fans. “le soutien indefectible” and etc. “Love” What happens in Montreux-à-Mer on the occasion of the return of his son to Aquaman. The young woman also found it helpful to share three photos of her tour, and for her part, in which she could see her daughter, Una Paige, à laquelle elle donne le biberon. Alors, certes, la fillette est encore un bébé – elle aura 3 ans en avril – most of all this is a rare story about voir qu’on ne va pas bouder notre plaisir.

Oona Page comes into Amber Heard’s life on April 8, 2021 with her most beautiful looks. ” Debut for the rest of my life” Follow the actress’ comments on Instagram after visiting my three officials. Depuy, comedienne not in Montreux, where rare casesthe dernière fois, c’était pour les 1 and de la petite fille!

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