Amber Heard wants to rebuild her career after the trial

sources close to AmberHeard, After losing the trial for defamation against her ex-partner Johnny Depp, the actress is not in a good place. After a month and a half of trial, the jury awarded him $10 million in compensatory damages and $5 million in punitive damages. Meanwhile, the actress received 2 million for the countersuit.

According to sources, Amber is not in a good place and is worried in general and financial terms. The actress finds herself alone, as if she has lost many friends, and she finds herself sad that the people she hoped would support her really didn’t. Her plan, for now, is to focus on being a mother and spending quality time with her daughter to stay out of the spotlight.

Head will try not to do anything publicly for a while, but he is hopeful that he can slowly rebuild his career. During the trial, Heard stated that due to Depp’s accusations, Warner Bros. even cut his time in the sequel to the film Aquaman, so it is not surprising that he feels very unhappy with the direction of his artistic career. of the.

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