America conducts first humanitarian aid airstrike in Gaza

Negotiations for a ceasefire agreement in the Gaza Strip, which would allow another exchange of hostages for Palestinian prisoners and the entry of more humanitarian aid into the area, where hunger is already wreaking havoc in the north, began yesterday. Will resume in Cairo. International diplomatic efforts to bring closer relations between Israel and Hamas.

The United States carried out the first air drop of humanitarian aid into Gaza using military aircraft this Saturday which was distributed approximately 38,000 mealsAccording to US Air Force Central Command.

In a statement published in X, the Central Command said that Collaborated with Jordan to initiate the launch.

“The Department of Defense humanitarian airdrops contribute to the U.S. Government’s ongoing efforts to provide life-saving humanitarian assistance to the people of Gaza. We are planning for potential new airlift delivery missions,” the statement said.

US Air Force Central Command used Three C130 aircraft to drop 66 pallets of food, 22 from each aircraftAccording to local media.

food packages They did not include water or medical suppliesAccording to CNN.

Humanitarian aid organizations say these air drops are far from meeting the needs of food and supplies in the region, where more than 2 million people are facing famine, according to Efe agency.

Tomorrow, the President of the United StatesJoe Bidenannounced the air drop of packages with food and medicine into the Gaza Strip and opened the possibility of Open a sea corridor to facilitate the entry of humanitarian aid into the enclave.

“The aid to Gaza is not enough. Innocent lives are at stake. Children’s lives are at stake.”At the beginning of a meeting at the White House with the Italian Prime Minister the President said, georgia melloni,

In about five months of war, More than 30,200 people have died in the regionThis includes 115 Gazans who died during a food delivery in Gaza City on Thursday when Israel opened fire on people waiting, as it acknowledged, although it put the death toll at the level of hunger strikes against trucks. Avalanche caused by crowd.

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