America. Roger Martínez could go to Racing Club de AvellanedaHalftime

The novel of each transfer market in America is the possible departure of Roger Martínez of the squad, now his name sounds to become a reinforcement of Avellaneda Racinga club that wants to have him back to be his benchmark in the next edition of the Copa Libertadores.

According to information from Ole newspaperthe leadership of Racing headed by Víctor Blanco He already contacted the Colombian attackerwho allegedly expressed his interest in wearing the albiceleste colors again.

The same information indicates that the idea is to have a striker who gives them the illusion of being able to make a good role in the LibertadoresWell, although they have Gustavo Bou and Paolo Guerrero, Roger could be the cherry on the cake within the squad.

You have to remember that Roger Martínez only has six more months on his contract with América And in case the Eagles fail to give the Colombian an outlet in this market, in the summer he will go free and they will not be able to cash in with his departure.

Roger recalled his stage in Racing

After the call of the South American directive, Roger Martinez responded in their networks to the interest of the Argentine team uploading a video of his time in racing marking a goal in the Copa Libertadores.

Independiente’s debt to America

The Racing’s great rival in Argentina is Independienteequipment with which the America has a problem due to the non-payment of the Avellaneda team for the transfer of the Paraguayan midfielder, Cecilio Dominguezin 2019.

In recent days, Fabian Domán, president of Independiente, assured that offered several payment plans to the Eagles of Americabut the Liga MX team did not want to accept any and decided to appeal again to the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

The manager He did not give details of how the payment plans werewhich should cover the debt for Cecilio Domínguez’s pass, for which there are even late fees that must be covered.

Club Independiente had until December to cover the total, however, as this situation did not occur, the Azulcrema board has once again resorted to the TAS and has requested a stricter penaltywhich in addition to the payment of money involves the loss of points and even category for the Argentine club.

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