America will play two games this Saturday, January 16, 2024.

Kit America they will have a very busy Saturday as they not only attend the game Liga MX To 1 day against Tijuana in that Aztec Stadiumwill also play a friendly game in preparation for Closing 2024 at the city’s facilities Koapa.

What games will America play on January 16th?

The Eagles team will be split into two, with the first group leaving on Friday afternoon at Tijuana to the face Xolos and the second group will remain in the capital of the country to meet with Black lions V friendly.

The idea is that in the duel with the border guards, players who were not so active in the last tournament will compete and will be the first to appear under orders Andre Jardine last week.

Elements such as Emilio Lara, Salvador Reyes, Oscar Jimenez, Ramon Juarez, Christian Calderon and several players from U23 They will play that match at the Caliente stadium.

While the players with the most participation in the championship of the previous tournament, such as Luis Malagon, Henry Martin, Julian Quinones, Jonathan dos Santosamong others, there will be those who will play the game against Melenudos.

These elements have recently been included in the activities equipment will undergo a medical examination, so they will work without much stress and arrive at the tournament in the best condition.

Only a week before the 2nd round game against Gallos will the Azulcrema team get together and garden Now you can play with the whole team in the duel that will take place in Sports city stadium.

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