AMFPro speaks out on Alexis Vega case

After Alexis Vega’s approach to the Mexican Footballers’ Association (AMFPro) became known, to find out Is it legal to break up with Chivas indefinitely?the said organization expressed a desire to clarify what happens in such cases.

Without naming any names, the Association detailed, based on FIFA and CAS rules, how a player can be frozen. a valid reason for him to seek termination of the contractwhich can be adapted to Vega’s case, although the Flock can also use the said rules.

“Based on Article 14(2) of the FIFA Player Status and Transfer Regulations and in accordance with the criteria of the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS/CAS), A professional player with a valid contract cannot be excluded from the roster. and/or train separately as a measure of pressure from the Club to force you to accept conditions that are contrary to your human, labor and sports rights.

“In strict accordance with the provisions of Article 48 of the Transfer and Recruitment Regulations of the Mexican Football Federation (FMF), it is established that “any offensive behavior, either the Club or the Playerthe purpose of which is to force the other to terminate the contract or change its terms, will be a justified reason for termination for the counterparty.“, can be read on AMFPro social networks.

Did Vega break up because she didn’t accept Cruz Azul’s proposal?

Alexis Vega had the opportunity to leave Chivas to play for Cruz Azul, although he chose not to accept the terms presented to him, which led to negotiations failing.

The Gunner’s decision was not well received by the Sacred Pack, so they decided to suspend him indefinitely.

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