AMLO pushes for wage and pension reform

Rio Blanco, Mexico.- In memory of the martyrs of the workers of Rio Blanco, Veracruz, who rioted in front of a yarn factory in 1907, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador promised that he would order two reforms: one so that wage increases would not fall below inflation and one so that pensions would be fair. Are.

The Federal President said, “I commit here that before I leave I will send a reform initiative to Article 123 of the Constitution, to establish that wages will never rise below inflation.”

“We’re going to continue that policy, and I also commit to you, the teachers union and other staff raised it with me. We’re going to review Zedillo’s labor counter-reforms, pensions. We’re going to make We’re making a proposal because it’s completely inhumane. Doing good – that salary,” he said to applause.

Surrounded by leaders of old unionism, López Obrador claimed the population has lost purchasing power in recent years.

“This is not going to go on any longer, oligarchy, the minimum wage has lost 70 percent of its purchasing power in 36 years.

“So much so that, in 1980, the minimum wage was enough to buy 50 kilos of tortillas. When we became president, the minimum wage was barely enough to buy five kilos of tortillas and, although we have increased the minimum wage, barely and now The minimum wage is enough to buy 10 kilos of tortillas.

“See how much the purchasing power of salaries has deteriorated, that is why we have to continue with the same salary policy. And here I commit that before the end of my tenure I will send an initiative to reform Article 123 of the Constitution,” it established. That wages will never rise below inflation, never again.”

In Rio Blanco, the President received complaints about missing people, infrastructure in the health sector and a lack of support for sugar producers.

At the podium, López Obrador welcomed oil union leader Ricardo Aldana and CROC’s Isaias González Cuevas, both of whom have strengthened their unions since the PRI’s six-year tenure.

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