AMLO sends letter to Joe Biden for “difference” in the T-MEC on energy issues

Faced with “the difference” over the energy issue in the T-MEC, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador revealed that this Tuesday he sent a letter to the US president, Joe Biden.

“Now that there is this difference, due to the interpretation of our energy sovereignty, today I am sending a letter to President Biden on this issue, in a very respectful manner,” López Obrador said in his conference. this Tuesday morning at the National Palace.

“We have to take care that the relationship is good, but that they do not treat us or let us be treated as a colony because Mexico is an independent, free, sovereign country. And we can have many opportunities because of the neighborhood and because it is the country with the greatest economic and commercial potential in the world and everything that can be obtained for the benefit of Mexico.

“However, none of that equates to the independence, sovereignty and dignity of our people. Mexico is not for sale, Mexico belongs to Mexicans, to our generation and to those to come, that is priceless, there is no settlement that is worth it, ”he added.

López Obrador highlighted a “very consolidated relationship” with the United States: “The only thing we are looking for is that our sovereignty be respected, that this integration does not mean submission and fortunately President Biden has expressed this to me more than once, that the relationship It has to be given on an equal footing and with respect for our sovereignty.”

“I maintain that blessed Mexico, so close to God and not so far from the United States,” he added.

I do not consider what President Biden has told me on several occasions to be false or discursive, that our relationship will be given with respect to our sovereignty, on an equal footing, López Obrador advanced about the content of the text.

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