an activity bracelet with two-week battery life that can detect falls

Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 took three years to release, but it has a completely updated design and features to compete with Xiaomi.

New Samsung Galaxy Fit 3: activity bracelet with two-week battery life, capable of detecting falls
Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 took three years to release, but it has a completely updated design and features to compete with Xiaomi.

Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 this is the name of the new one activity bracelet from the South Korean company and which is the successor to the Galaxy Fit 2. Samsung waited three years to launch this update, the reasons for this decision are unclear. But it is believed that competition from Huawei, Xiaomi and Honor has not made things easier for them. Now, in mid-2024, the Galaxy Fit 3 will appear, which looks ready to compete with any alternative.

The three years it took Samsung to present the Galaxy Fit 3 were not in vain. This new activity bracelet has everything you would expect from a product in this segment, but the most interesting thing is to see how Samsung has learned lessons from the market Gone are the days when these devices were treated as mere accessories.

Samsung Galaxy Fit 3: Specs, Availability and Price

Aesthetically, the Galaxy Fit 3 has rectangular format with aluminum housing which has IP68 certification And resistance up to 5 atmospheres. It comes in three available colors: black, rose gold and silver. They all use replaceable plastic straps.

What’s most striking is the screen, the Galaxy Fit 3 has one. 1.6″ panel, which means a 45% increase in size compared to the previous model. This new screen format also allows for interchangeable spheres to customize the design.

Increasing the screen size has other benefits: the battery has a larger capacity. Of course, Samsung points out that Galaxy Fit 3 has 13 days of battery life during normal use. The charging system is implemented using POGO magnetic pins.

What does the new Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 offer? Built-in sensors allow monitor sleep, detect snoring, measure heart rate, and also has a SpO2 sensor. In addition, the system fall detection which automatically calls emergency services.

Logically, this can only be done when connected to a mobile phone, so it is not a completely independent device. It’s compatible with major sports, and information can be viewed both from the Galaxy Fit 3 itself and from the smartphone it’s connected to.

Galaxy Fit 3 price is a complete mystery. Thanks to Samsung, we found out that It will go on sale on February 23rd. 2024 in different markets, so its availability is also questionable. Of course we hope it lands in Spain so we can try it.

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