An artificial intelligence device that will replace the cell phone

At the recent CES 2024, the Rabbit R1 was unveiled, a tiny device about the size of a wireless headphone case that promises to be the next revolution in the mobile phone market. Powered by its proprietary Rabbit OS and advanced artificial intelligence, the Rabbit R1 aims to displace conventional cell phones with an intuitive approach and unique capabilities.

Rabbit R1 has an operating system designed from the ground up called Rabbit OS, which aims to provide users with a tool that is so intuitive that it requires no prior training to use it. Jesse Liu, one of the device’s creators, said, “We’re trying to give you a tool that’s so intuitive that you already know how to use it without having to learn how to use it.”

A key feature of the Rabbit R1 is the integration of the Large Action Model (LAM), a component that allows the device to perform actions based on the user’s verbal cues. For example, if you are asked to make a reservation at a restaurant, Rabbit R1 will connect to the appropriate app and automatically reserve the table.

Despite comparisons with other artificial intelligence devices such as Humane’s AI Pin, the Rabbit R1 has achieved remarkable success in the market, selling 40,000 units in just four days since its launch.

Lyu demonstrated the device’s capabilities by displaying a Rabbit Hole web page containing login links to popular services such as OpenTable, Uber, Spotify, Doordash and Amazon. This simple action allows Rabbit OS to perform actions directly on connected accounts.

The Rabbit R1 costs around $200 without shipping, but it has already attracted the attention of tech giants like Google and Apple. Both companies are working on similar artificial intelligence models, with Google introducing Google Gemini and Apple exploring patents related to real-world voice interaction.

The Rabbit R1 has created a wave of interest in the technology industry by challenging the norms set by traditional mobile phones. As competition in the field of artificial intelligence becomes increasingly fierce, the Rabbit R1 marks a milestone in the evolution of intuitive devices.

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