An emergency doctor reveals the “weirdest” thing he saw on the job: “I’ll never forget the patient’s reaction”

Doctor Joe explaining the story in his video (TikTok/@drjoe_md)

He Dr. Joe Whittington (@drjoe_md) is one emergency doctor who works in Southern California, But, apart from his health care profession, he is perhaps best known for his work as a content creator on social networks such as TIC TocWhere he has about two million followers. This is where he shares some videos in which he tells anecdotes remained engaged in work for some time medical advice Which his followers follow literally. However, recently he published a video has gone viral In which he described his most difficult experience to assimilate in work.

“Was one of the craziest things Which I had never seen before,” he begins in the video, just before describing the case. “This guy came in, he had a heart attack In all the rules. construction worker around 50 years old, He said he was at work, he had it heartburnGoing up his arm, up to his shoulder.

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The man was still working, but he left an hour before the scheduled time get tested, “This was one of them tough guysbut also i was quite sick“, describes Dr. Whittington, who then also gives some technical clues about the patient’s condition, such as “very low blood pressure” or a pulse of “about 80 systolic.” Electrocardiogram done,

This situation led to what he calls the “STEMI Protocol” being activated. acute myocardial infarction care: “it means that cardiologist goes down and takes it Catheterization Laboratory To open up his arteries,” he explains, “so I went to talk to the cardiologist on the phone.” During the call, the family was seen there Of the patient. They all lay down on the bed on which he was resting. “After talking to the cardiologist. I am back explain the whole plan And I said ‘Sir, listen, as we talked, it seems he’s having a heart attack, The cardiologist is going to come down, take you to the cath lab and open up these arteries.”

The answer his patient gave him is something like this, as the doctor explains in the video, “Never” Will Never Forget, “He looked straight into my face and He told me: ‘Bullshit’, Right after, the man decided it was time End your review: “He tore the cable from his chest, got up from the stretcher and He walked out of the emergency room angrilywith his family, begging him to keep crying.”I thought I would never see that boy again.“, which Whittington confesses, who however also explains how “some after two months, I saw him in the emergency room. For a complaint that had nothing to do with what happened last time. It was like an ankle injury or something.”

The health worker confessed that, upon finding him there again, he felt “Ashamed, “I thought, ‘Well, he must have gone to a different hospital.'” She later had the opportunity to contact him and explain that she remembered him from that last visit. When? He asked The man’s reaction surprised him because of what happened to him immediately after he left: “Okay, I took the weekend off. I returned to work on Monday. I am fine since then,

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