An expert analyzes the body language of Denmark’s kings

Nobody expected this 2024 was to begin with resignation And with the change of thrones in Europe. Although Queen Margaret II of Denmark (83) That’s what he wanted and he announced it a few hours before the end of the year. With this historic decision, Frederick (55) became new king of nordic country,

Without a coronation, but with a proclamation followed by even more 150,000 people from CopenhagenThe new kings lived out one of the most special moments of their lives surrounded by his people and family Who were waiting for them behind the doors of Christiansborg Palace.

on the edge of This Sunday at 3:00 pmOn 14 January, the new Emperor went to the balcony from where he gave his first official speech since the proclamation. one moment he caught everyone’s attention what else left anecdotes worth remembering,

(From the spirit of Frederick

Frederick and Mary of Denmark after the proclamation.

Frederick and Mary of Denmark after the proclamation.


Sonia L HakimThe President of the Spanish Association of Non-Verbal Communication has analyzed from Spain Some of its most famous moments historical quotes, If there is one gesture that has caught everyone’s attention, it is cobra Of Mary Donaldson (51) To Federico.

However, experts do not give much importance to this matter and point out that it is a moment DESYNCHRONIZATION: “You don’t need to look for a big reason. She was looking in the palace.” And she didn’t realize he was going to kiss her“…while everyone was looking at him i don’t kissThe reality was very different: “It must be seen Mary is putting her arm around himBut he doesn’t realize it when he’s looking somewhere else.”

first thing after this rejection, The new king once again attracts the queen consort’s attention: “He pulls her towards him and Makes him more attentive to kissing Which you are going to get. Federico’s initiative, He wants them to kiss on the balcony because he understands this is what people are askingBut he has that desynchronization. This is absolutely normal,

Beyond this feeling, which will remain a simple story, Sonia L Hakim Want to highlight another very emotional moment new kings acted: “Federico takes the initiative in conversing with her, he is attentive, he holds her hand bring him to the edge of the balcony, There comes a moment when He has a very handsome knowing look with physical attitude, “They’re looking for each other’s touch all the time.”

However, the controversy that the new king has been involved in in recent months has cast a shadow over this very special day genoveva casanova (47) has started Copenhagen, “We are all sitting with flies behind our ears because of what happened here, but if we had known nothing, if we had not seen those images, we would have been watching a Very nice scene of collusion of a couple who are totally into it,

King Frederick of Denmark lived to this day emotions on the surface And this emotion shows up all the time, It only took a few seconds for the new king’s eyes to fill with tears. “It’s a cry allows you to replenish that intense feeling of pleasure What do you feel at that moment. when we feel an emotion very high intensityAn effect is produced which is called rival process all he does is try control that emotional intensity Through an opposite sentiment,” the expert comments.

The Danish royal family welcomes its followers.

The Danish royal family welcomes its followers.


This historic chapter ended with the greeting of the new royal family to Christiansburg Palace. Although It is surprising that this sacrifice has been for many people, the new king has been preparing for this moment since his birth and succession to the throne, something that was reflected in Sunday’s event. Next in the line of succession, Christian (18), was present knowing that he took great care of his father He’ll probably be the next one to go through this.,

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