An unprecedented African Cup final

Issue 34 Africa Cup of Nations (Canada) this was disputed in Ivory Coast from January 13 last year he will have unpublished finale, following the results recorded in the two semi-final matches played this Wednesday. On one hand, the hosts defeated the Democratic Republic of Congo 1-0 thanks to a solitary goal from Sebastien Haller, giving his country a place in its fifth continental final. A few hours ago, Nigeria took first place in the great title fight which will take place next Sunday at the Ebimpe Olympic Stadium. The Green Eagles will play their eighth final after a victory over South Africa that brought controversy and misery; Well, VAR overturned the 2-0 score and awarded the 1-1 penalty, forcing extra time in the draw, which the Nigerians won in a fateful penalty shootout.

Ivory Coast 1-0 DR Congo: Haller chooses host

Under Emers Fae, Ivory Coast knew how to use their pitch to fulfill their role as favorites against rivals DR Congo, who were aiming for their first African Cup final. Ivorian painting will fight for his third continental titleafter two victories in 1992 and 2015, both against Ghana. They also finished runners-up in 2006 and 2012, when they lost on penalties to Egypt and Zambia respectively.

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