Anahí visits Andrés García

Correspondent in Mexico City

The singer Anahí took advantage of the fact that she is in Acapulco, to visit her friend Andrés García, to whom she has great affection and infinite gratitude, since they worked together on the soap opera “Mujeres Engañadas”, and after he and his wife Margarita , will support her lovingly and unconditionally, when she went through very difficult moments of physical and emotional health in her adolescence.

“I adore you with all my heart. I am always here for you,” wrote the actress, at the bottom of the images she shared, where she is seen with her husband Manuel Velasco, next to Andrés.

The actress has shown that she has always been on the lookout for her friend’s health, who in recent months has been delicate.

“A lifetime of genuine affection and gratitude,” said Anahí, who will have to remember that just a few weeks ago, she sent Andrés, a pulmonologist she trusted, to evaluate him and treat him in the best possible conditions, a situation that The actor publicly thanked and she replied:

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