Ancelotti: “I don’t think Atleti have a measure for us”

Carlo Ancelotti appeared before the media immediately after the match in a “flash interview” in which he analyzed the Copa del Rey exit at the Metropolitano at the hands of Atlético Madrid.

Is the accumulated fatigue paid off? “I do not know. This is not a topic. We played a full, equal and very tense game against a strong opponent. We left with good feelings, but not happy. We try our best. It was a good game from us and also from Atlético.”

Was there a lack of purpose? “Well, two came in, and then two posts. We even scored a disallowed goal. It was impossible to do more at the top.

What was missing? “You could control a little more when everything was equal. We drew twice and we needed to play it safe and control the situation better.”

They played 21 games without defeat. Has Atleti taken action? “I don’t think so because we beat them four days ago. I do not believe in that”.

How’s Camavinga? “We were all tired because we arrived on Sunday evening and it was not easy. “To come to my senses and think about Sunday.”

Today Lunin played. Kepa on Sunday? “Sunday Kepa”.

press conference

Subsequently, the Italian coach clarified the situation at a press conference.

A little analysis. What do you think the team lacked?: “It’s not easy to evaluate this match. We played very well and fought until the end. We fought and gave the lead back twice, two crossbars, a disallowed goal… We lost the game when we risked playing an unnecessary play in extra time, lost two goals and were punished. I was left with a very good game from our side. It was impossible to do more for many reasons. Let’s think about recovering well and winning on Sunday.”

Bronco Party. Are there any complaints against the referee? Do you think the removal is fair?: “I just don’t know. Atlético, like us, made a huge effort. Nobody deserved to lose. We lost. We must be aware and look forward. We gave everything. I have nothing to reproach. It was a derby and, like all derbies, there was a struggle, but in the end the match turned out right.”

Vinicius: “In the first half it was more difficult for him, but in the second he decisively restored the game, gave an assist, it was a constant game. Even though he didn’t score, it was a good match.”

Do you think that Lunin is not so successful today?: “I don’t want to do more individual analysis here. It could have been better when the game was level, we didn’t have to force the game so much and we did. We have sinned since our youth, that’s what it’s all about.”

Can this elimination help you catch air?: “We were at a disadvantage because Atlético had a week to prepare for the game. The team fought and competed for up to 120 minutes and didn’t look like they were tired.”

Atlético scored ten goals against him. How is this explained?: “I don’t know. Very solid in the League, a little less in the Cups. Today Atlético have very dangerous players who score a lot of goals, especially at Metropolitano. The last two games played against them could have been better. We also “We scored a lot and it’s not that easy against Atlético.”

Vinicius received a yellow card for protesting: “Little by little he will learn it. “It was a very competitive match with a lot of fighting.”

Did Atlético’s fitness last longer this time around than in the Super Cup? Do Kamavanga and Nacho have something?: “In extra time the game was controlled. We conceded a goal with a lost ball. It doesn’t seem to me that the team has lowered its physical level. “Nacho and Camavinga were tired, so I brought in two fresh players.”

He spoke about the sin of youth. Is there room for improvement here?: “Sometimes when you have the game under control, you don’t need to force the game. We have young people with extraordinary abilities who are trying. There are times in games when there is no need to force the game.”

Vinicius faced Simeone in a difficult match. Have you talked to him?: “I don’t know what happened. He played his game, he had his opportunities, he fought… I want to comment on this, but I don’t want to comment on the rest at all.”

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