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Sergio Santos

At a press conference, Carlo Ancelotti said goodbye to the first title of the season, the Copa del Rey, which eluded his team in extra time at the Civitas Metropolitano against Atletico Madrid (4-2). The Italian, when asked whether the elimination of whites was fair, did not want to give a definition. “Fair exception? I don’t know, Atlético, like us, made a huge effort. “No one deserved to lose.”– he pronounced the verdict.

Ancelotti did not want to blame either the refereeing, or Lunin’s mistake in the second goal of the red and white, or even a possible physical decline compared to Atletico Madrid, which was eliminated from the Super Cup and did not play at the weekend. , and was able to rest more. He did point out a possible reason for the defeat, the “sin of youth”, which he explained in these terms. “It’s not easy to evaluate this match. We played well, fought until the end, fought, won back two leads, two crossbars, a disallowed goal… However, we lost when the game was under control and we were punished. In any case, it was impossible to do more for many reasons. “It could have been done better when the game was equal, it was a sin of youth.”summed it up.

Another of the usual names that the Real Madrid manager is asked about at every press conference is Vinicius. The Brazilian was in all of them and had several fights with the red and white players. He even had a confrontation with Simeone at the end of the 90 minutes, before extra time. “Little by little Vinicius will learn this. It was a game in which he had a lot of duels, and sometimes it is clear that he does not always have his cool,” he excused him.

Likewise, Ancelotti blamed fatigue for the changes made by Nacho and Camavinga, who ended their careers in misery, but the Italian played it down.

Sergio Santos

Sergio Santos is responsible for covering all information about Real Madrid and the Spanish football team for Relevo. Born in Madrid, he studied journalism at the Complutense University.

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