Andalusian doctors’ stern warning on health measures: ‘It’s a matter of time before someone dies’

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The Andalusian Medical Union (SMA) this week issued a stark warning regarding the latest recommendations published by the Ministry of Health. These resolutions are aimed, as they explain, at “Gradually transfer health care functions from doctors to nurses.”” The organization believes that this strategy “This is a deception of society” and jeopardizes the health and future of the public health system.”

In particular, his criticism focuses on “guidelines for prescribing, using and authorizing the dispensing of prescription drugs by nurses“, which have been published since October 2020. The latest dated June 13, 2023 concerns oral anticoagulants. Thus, they state that “there are nurses administering sedation and anesthesia” which is beyond the scope of their duties.

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Andalusian doctors believe that This approach “undervalues” nursing. and they point to differences in health care training. “It’s only a matter of time before someone dies due to the lack of medical training on these staff.”This is stated in a statement from the group published on Monday, January 8.

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It is terrible to insist on the obvious: only doctors have the right to provide medical care.

Read our statement here:

— Medical Union (@smandaluz) January 8, 2024

Andalusian Union collects demands nurses who are “no longer graduates but graduates” and demand “higher skills and prominence in the health care system.”. But they clarify that professional growth in this sector cannot be achieved by “replacing the doctor’s competencies.”

They defend themselves like that their training“10 or 11 years old” without registrationthis is different from nurseswho “earned a 4-year degree.” “Medical training is aimed at diagnosis, prognosis, rehabilitation and treatment of patientsand the nursing department is focused on your care. Having a diploma or graduate doesn’t change anything.”they insist.

Their criticism is also aimed at health care management, which “in the face of a relative shortage of doctors” seeks to “replace them with nursing staff” with lower pay, less training time and “rote adherence to health protocols.” lack of medical knowledge. “Their reasons are purely economic.”, they accuse. Something that is “absurd” to them because they understand it. nurses will eventually ask for higher salaries. “Is SAS (Andalusian Health Service) ready to pay nurses the same as doctors?”

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They also warn that while it is “tempting” to give up authority because of the “immense care overload” they suffer, it is “nothing more than deception”. This could be evidenced by the peak incidence of influenza, which did not decrease despite consultations with nurses.

It is terrible to insist on the obvious: only doctors have the right to provide medical care.“, they say, while defending that these changes must take into account better training and higher salaries. “Otherwise the conflict will be filed.”

In their opinion, “attributing the functions of a doctor to nursing is ineffective” and will lead to a deterioration in the quality of the system. “This will cause labor and professional conflicts, harm the functioning of the public health system and ultimately prompt doctors to flee the system.”

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