Andor 1, Skeleton Crew, and more

The third season of The Mandalorian, Andor, Indiana Jones 5… wow!

Star Wars fans are partying today (Friday, May 27, Star Wars Celebration). Not only is there a new TV series set in that galaxy far, far away that can be streamed, but there have been plenty of exciting announcements made on the first day of Star Wars Celebration, which took place in California on Thursday, March 26. May.

With the arrival of the independent series of Obi-Wan Kenobi a Disney Plus, it is likely that you will re-immerse yourself in the world of Star Wars after a time of absence. Well, once you’ve finished watching its two-episode premiere, as well as reading our in-depth interview with Obi-Wan’s showrunner-director and the main cast, you’ll want to catch up on the latest news to come out of the box. Star Wars Celebration.

And there are many things to catch up on. Below, we’ll break down all the announcements, trailers, and other exciting news that were revealed on the first day of Star Wars Celebration. This includes updates on The Mandalorian Season 3, Andor, and other Star Wars projects that are in various stages of development.

What are you waiting for? Buckle up your Millennium Falcon (we know you have one), activate your hyperdrive and let’s travel at the speed of light to everything that has been announced at the Star Wars Celebration.


Let’s start with the most popular Star Wars series of recent times. Yes, The Mandalorian Season 3 premiere is getting closer, and we finally know when he’ll be with us.

As announced on the official account of Star Wars on Twitter For Star Wars Celebration, the hit Disney Plus series will return to our screens in February 2023. That’s further from what Giancarlo Esposito, who plays Moff Gideon in the series, recently told fans. Still, it’s nice to know that the countdown to the return of the series is really underway.

However, attendees at the Star Wars Celebration not only received this announcement. The public has also been able to get a first look at the next installment of The Mandalorian, with a video that gives us a preview of what is to come.

According to attendees, there were a lot of impressive shots and visuals, but what was most intriguing were the hints about the plot of the third season.

The footage showed Mando meeting the Armorer again, who told him that “redemption is no longer possible” after the latter discovered that he had removed his helmet (on multiple occasions) in previous seasons. Meanwhile, Mando tells Grogu that the duo are headed to Mandalore, the homeworld of all Mandalorians so that he can be forgiven for his misdeeds.

Other scenes where Mando and Grogu are reunited with Greef Karga, who seems to have settled into a new (and well-paying, judging by her outfit) profession, and a tense verbal confrontation with Bo-Katan, another Mandalorian warrior that fans You will remember from the second season and from the animated series The Clone Wars. There were plenty of action-packed moments, too, before Bo-Katan ominously says to Grogu “Did you think your father was the only Mandalorian?”. We are excited about this Star Wars Celebration announcement.


Andor, the Star Wars prequel series starring rebellion hero Diego Luna from rogue onewill officially premiere on Disney Plus on August 31 as announced at the Star Wars Celebration.

The series, which will have a two-episode premiere on that date, is set five years before Luna teams up with Felicity Jones’s Jyn Erso to steal the Death Star plans in order to aid the fight against the rebellion against the Galactic Empire. Hopefully it will be a very tough and street-level affair, like Rogue One was.

And that seems to be the case, judging by the first teaser for the series, which accompanied the announcement of its premiere date. You can check out the first footage from the upcoming series, which is also the first Star Wars Celebration TV series not to use Industrial Light and Magic’s (aka The Volume) StageCraft technology. Instead, the series has been set in real locations to maintain the criminal underworld style that Rogue One is known for.

Andor’s first season will consist of 12 episodes, although it is unclear if the series will premiere in two episodes over six weeks or will premiere weekly after its premiere date. And why do we say that it is the first season of the series? Because a second installment, also 12 episodes, is already in development and will start shooting in November, according to Variety and Star Wars Celebration.


This really has been a nice surprise from the Star Wars Celebration. Skeleton Crew, a new Star Wars TV series, is coming to Disney Plus sometime in 2023 and will star none other than Marvel movie and Fantastic Beasts actor Jude Law. It’s a way to land a role in three of the biggest franchises of all time.

Little is known about the Skeleton Crew, but we do have some information about their, well, backstage crew and what the show will entail.

Skeleton Crew is the official name of the series developed by Jon Watts (MCU Spider-Man trilogy), and Christopher Ford (Chaos Walking) that previously had the working title of Grammar Rodeo (a fun nod to one of the many episodes of The Simpsons). Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni are also on board as executive producers alongside Watts, which is hardly surprising given that duo have single-handedly (or should it be two-handed?) developed Star’s burgeoning television-specific content production. Wars Celebration.

According to Filoni, Skeleton Crew is an “upcoming live-action series starring kids, but it’s as kid-friendly as The Clone Wars.” Therefore, it is to be expected that it contains some mature concepts and themes that may not be suitable for children of a certain age.

According to IGN, the Skeleton Crew story will follow “a group of 10-year-olds from a small planet who get lost in a galaxy far, far away and must try to find their way home.” The series is also set after Return of the Jedi, aka Star Wars Episode VI, so it will be set in the main Star Wars Celebration timeline alongside The Mandalorian and Ahsoka Tano’s upcoming live-action series. . The Hollywood Reporter also states that filming will begin this summer and that the Skeleton Crew will look like an Amblin Entertainment production from the ’80s, like The Goonies or ET.


Granted, these next two announcements aren’t Star Wars-centric. But, considering that Lucasfilm was the company that originally brought them to the big screen, it makes sense that they would be treated somewhat during the Star Wars Celebration.

The first of that duo is Indiana Jones 5. We already knew that the next installment in the iconic series of action-adventure movies starring Harrison Ford would arrive in June 2023. However, this is the first teaser we received about the directed film. by James Mangold, if only as an image.

The still, which you can see in the Star Wars Celebration tweet above, shows Ford’s Jones crossing an old and neglected bridge, presumably into a cave in search of treasure as the warm yellow glow of sunlight appears. through a crack in the ceiling of the cave. Although it does not reveal anything, it is a very attractive image for fans that will whet their appetite before the release of the film.

Fleabag’s Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Fantastic Beasts’ Mads Mikkelsen, Logan’s Boyd Holbrook, and Uncharted’s Antonio Banderas are part of the cast. Mangold is also a co-writer with Jez Butterworth and John-Henry Butterworth (Flag Day, Edge of Tomorrow), and legendary Indiana Jones director Steven Spielberg and Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy are among the executive producers of the film.


Nearly 35 years after the 1988 cult dark fantasy film, a Willow TV series will premiere on Disney Plus on November 30 as announced at Star Wars Celebration.

Set 20 years after the events of the original film, the series will star Warwick Davis (Rogue One, Harry Potter) as the dwarf wizard Nelwyn known as Willow Ufgood, who teams up with Princess Kit Ruby Cruz (and a group of warriors) on a journey to rescue Kit’s twin brother from an as-yet-unrevealed villain.

As the Star Wars Celebration teaser trailer (which you can watch above) shows, the TV series seems to have retained the whimsical, dramatic and ominous tone and style of the Willow movie. So, fans of the late ’80s movie are sure to be counting down the days until the live-action series makes its big debut on Disney’s streaming service.

Ron Howard, who directed the original film, is on board as executive producer along with Kathleen Kennedy, Jonathan Kasdan and Bryan Glazer, among others. The eight-episode series is developed by Kasdan (Dawson’s Creek, Solo: A Star Wars Story) and Wendy Mericle (Arrow).

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