Andrés Vaca attacked Fernando Ortiz for opportunities for Roger Martínez

Sunday, January 29, 2023

Roger Martinez He continues without convincing anyone with his irregular performances in the Club America. Since he arrived, he got used to the fact that it was enough to score a goal or provide a great play and then disappear for four or five games, not to mention the injuries that end up turning him into a footballer who, at most, contributes in three games per tournament. That is why a sector of the fans Cream blue is so upset with him, something that the narrator of TUDN, Andres Vacarepresented in their social networks.

Through your account Twitter, Cow lashed out MartinezSo it seems illogical to you Fernando Ortiz continue giving minutes to whoever was his former teammate, instead of allowing him to prove himself Stephen LozanoWell, with the game won five-nil, it was the perfect moment to allow a youngster to try to show what he can do on the pitch. Let’s remember that Andrew He is one of the most critical commentators with footballers bluecreams.

Roger Martínez’s theme at Club América

Obviously, it is already tiring for the fans to see that the Colombian continues with minutes despite the fact that it is known that he will not cause any difference in the most important moments. As if that were not enough, his interest in getting out of Coapa has been previously evidenced and although ortiz He assured that he would take care of it. Martinez was in its best version, there have been no significant changes in Roger since the tano took over the technical direction.

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