Android users taunted by Apple’s iMessage: here’s what’s happening

The diversification of the services offered by the two operating systems in messaging applications would potentially be a critical issue

We never imagined when diversifying an Android system rather than iOS would impact teens so heavily –

From a report shared by the Wall Street Journal, on a sample of American teenagers, a rather interesting data emerged. We are all aware of how much the phase passed through in the range between 12 and 18 years is fundamental in defining who will be the men and women of tomorrow. It is a period full of changes and discovery, but above all of confrontation with what awaits the human being outside the family circle.

Teenagers are therefore pressured by a lot of imperatives and stimulated by different inputs. Therefore, we never expected that the highlighted aspect would have such an impact on their daily routines.

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In fact, the relationship between the very young and technology was placed at the center of the viewfinder and it emerged that there is a singular discomfort in the moment in which the boys find themselves interacting with each other using smartphones with different operating systems.

A study reveals the opportunity for iOS to be more inclusive of Android

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They use technology massively and constantly, but they feel social pressure much more than adults. Study Reveals Teens Want Models for More Inclusive Operating Systems –

To end up in the eye of the storm would be some “concerns” that iOS fails to reserve for those who try to write a text message to an iPhone from Android. First of all the color of the notification, blue in the case of communications both invited by iPhone. But not only. It is the same RCS protocol, to which all the functions such as various checks or sharing of audio and video files respond, that is totally different.

When asked about the topic, Hiroshi Lockheimer, in office as Senior Vice President of Android, strongly expressed his support for an integration system that overcomes this dichotomy in the messaging app.

For Lockheimer, the goal is not to acquire iMessage as a product on Androidrather than developing shared RCS protocols. It is therefore along this path that Google’s good will lies, which therefore asks the Cupertino company for a common strategic table to help overcome this development impasse.

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We do not know when and if Apple will take this invitation. However, it is an interesting point of view, which also takes into account the different steps that the two operating systems are taking and which lead to improving the performance of both, with greater flexibility and increased customer satisfaction. And why not, in this case, it would be a significant step to reduce the moments of waste among adolescents, perhaps allowing them to focus on different and perhaps even more stimulating topics for their personal growth path.

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