Android virus has been installed more than 300,000 times: it is present in these 13 applications

Viruses, or malware, are a threat of major concern to users of any Internet-enabled technology device. With their help, criminals can easily access your cameras, microphones, accounts and other elements and invade your privacy.

Fortunately, installing an antivirus on computers is common practice. However, many users still do not know about the existence Mobile malware disguised even in some of the most installed applications.

In the case of Android, a new study found that More than 300,000 people have installed the virus, which is downloaded into applications available on the Google Play store. The malware is called Xamalicious and was discovered by antivirus company McAfee, which is part of the App Defense Alliance program, in which experts from around the world work together to ensure the cybersecurity of mobile phone users. Which ‘Xamalisius’ According to technology portal Adsl Zone, you make your mobile phone access to real-time information on the device, such as location, personal details, through permissions that the user grants to the application before using it. and more. . The malware has reportedly been used for various types of scams, such as the Cash Magnet app, which attracts adware to infected mobile phones without the user’s knowledge. reduction in the long-term performance and capacity of the mobile phone.

McAfee’s investigation found that the first apps infected with the virus were available in the official Google store in 2020. There are 13 of them, and three of them have been installed more than 100,000 times each. mainly in Brazil, Argentina, UK, USA, Mexico and Colombia. Google Play has already removed apps from its catalog, but this does not remove them from the devices of the people who downloaded them, of which McAfee said there were 338,300. So it is very important that if you have any apps, you immediately remove them from your mobile phone.

What applications?

Here are three apps that have over 100,000 downloads per capita and are therefore most likely to be installed on your device:

  • 3D skin editor for PE Minecraft
  • Basic horoscope for Android
  • Logo Maker Pro

Then 1000 to 10,000 mobile phones are loaded:

  • Automatic click repeater
  • Simple calorie calculator
  • Sound volume expander
  • Numerology: personal horoscope and number predictions
  • Link to letter

And finally, with less than 500 installations, the following apps round out the list:

  • Track your sleep
  • Step Keeper: Easy pedometer
  • Astrological navigator: daily horoscope and tarot
  • Sound volume booster
  • Universal calculator

The list of applications was collected by Adsl Zone. Remember that there are applications with similar names or similar functions that are not necessarily infected with a virus. Check names carefully before deleting them.

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