Angelina Jolie: Big surprise! The actress completely changes her face, her fans appear in a new look.

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Passion for sports and tennis, Justine Estre in the world of people who was never okay! In the case of the small mysteries of the big screen, there are incredible pairings and separations. You don’t want to gossip!

A change in appearance that I didn’t notice! If Angelina Jolie’s hair is revealed in a few weeks, the actress will make a surprise appearance when the blonde arrives in New York on February 21. What’s harder to figure out is whether this new style is a result of preparing the film… or simply sending in the change!

Angelina Jolie: Big surprise! The actress completely changes her face, her fans appear in a new look.

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Ces dernières années, elle a été quelque peu chamboulée: between separation from Mary’s ex-son Brad Pitt, divorce battle, university departures and other humanitarian projects, Angelina Jolie last year’s Great Times of Posers and Thinkers in Cinema. More concern is to restore a certain balance in the family, the actress and the realist and the great comeback that has taken place: in the ones I saw, she embodied Maria Callas in a biopic that was very busy.

Serait-ce pour ce the role qu’elle a entièrement change de tête? Hard knowledge: appearing with mercredi on the streets of New York with Les cheveux entièrement dyes it blondeet même un balayage très recent, l’actrice semble avoir eu envie de tenter une nouvelle tête à 48 ans (même si elle a déjà été Blonde il ya de nombreuses pour plusieurs Films.) In 2021, please note, she will be delighted this is the color for movies Imaginary Mervey and etc. Eternals. Quickly browse the brown color, it is available for good moments to observe your fans at the moment when they are okay. C’est désormais chose faite!

Surtout qu’avec three films (Every note played, Malefic 3 and a spy movie Mod vs. Maud) attend this year (without a computer Kung Fu Panda 4dans lequel elle double la tigresse), the public is waiting for le temps d’admirer of this new color of chevre. Quoique: depuis plusieurs semaines, et notamment los de ses ses rare phenomena in 2024, she awaits the beginning of déjà in éclaircir ses ses bruns. But most of all I’m not interested in the Australian blonde!

These children are soudésauthor d’elle

Wear a black coat of an impossible color, the actress in sun lunettes for you to be delighted and delighted with the large SUV when she was next to the girl Zahara. Noticeably foraying into university vacancies, a young girl is available to her mother in New York to manage her affairs. The rare presence of a 19-year-old teenager while studying in the south, where he was and was like brother and sister, she preferred a discrete vacation and loin des photos.

More to the point, imagine that the six children (Maddox, 22, Pax, 20, Zahara, 19, Shiloh, 17, and Knox and Vivienne, 15) are actresses with whom he lives after the divorce. and a furious approach to Brad Pitt’s father’s ring, l’ont félicitée pour ce nouveau. En tout cas, nous, I love it!

Suite after commercial

Suite after commercial

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