Angelina Jolie Ready to Change Her Life With This New Tattoo?


Angelina Jolie feels alive again. And let the whole world know with his new tattoo, a quote from the scholar Galileo.

Divorced from Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie is recovering little by little, and we see it with this new tattoo. The actress recently suffered a heavy blow over custody of her children. MCE TV tells you everything!


Known for her beauty and elegance, Angelina Jolie has a passion for tattoos. The actress started early with an impressive dragon tattoo on her shoulder and an “H” on her wrist. A tribute to his brother Heaven James.

After adopting her son Maddox in Cambodia, she tattooed a Khmer prayer on the left shoulder blade. Tattoos linked to his commitments at the United Nations.

Then, she decides to erase her dragon to replace it with the geographic coordinates of each of her children. His latest tattoos remain with dates written in Roman numerals, many Buddhist signs, and phrases written in Arabic.

With each of his appearances, his numerous tattoos have always caused a sensation. And his latest should do it too. MCE TV guarantees it!

Seen in New York, on the occasion of her 46th birthday, Angelina Jolie revealed her forearm tattoo. A quote from the scholar Galileo” Eppur si muove ” ( “And yet it moves”). 

A quote that dates back to the 17th century! The astronomer was forced to reconsider his initial claim, that the Earth moves around the sun.

A new tattoo that would prove that Angelina Jolie is moving forward in her life. Maybe in the arms of one of her ex-husbands …



To console herself, Angelina Jolie would have found love in the arms of Jonny Lee Miller. MCE TV unboxes everything from A to Z!

It was in 1995 that she met the actor on the set of a movie. They married a year later and then divorced in 1999.

Despite everything, they will stay close. If Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie formed the ideal couple, their divorce reveals something quite different. But, she can count on the support of her ex-husband.

For her birthday, she then went to New York with her family. She then took the opportunity to see Jonny Lee Miller at his home without a bodyguard. 

Thus,  she was photographed at the bottom of her building, a bottle of wine in hand. A sign of a more than warm reunion! Some wonder if they have not put the cover back.

Good news since Angelina Jolie took a setback since justice ruled on shared custody in favor of Brad Pitt. A disappointment for the actress who admits that 3 of their children wanted to testify against Brad Pitt. MCE TV tells you everything!

According to a legal document from December 2020 and unveiled by  Us Weekly, ” three of the children wanted to testify against Brad Pitt “. “ The children in custody are old enough to understand what’s going on. The trial will necessarily have an emotional impact on them. Three of the children asked to testify ”.

In addition, the document concludes: “ To subject one of these children to what could be a futile and null procedure is more than unjustified. It’s cruel. 


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