Angelina Jolie split her LE pants, that’s not wood, and never gave up

Angelina Jolie chose the most comfortable pants of the moment!

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These pants are one piece. Ultra polyvalent, it is essential this summer.

Lightweight, timeless and elegant, he wears a simple white T-shirt in a sophisticated fabric.

Bulo Juscu 5 vs 7, at the goal.

Men, these trousers with wide sleeves, parfois with a waist at the level of more fashionable ones, fait de l’ombre in baggy jeans.

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This season, Angelina Jolie chose black, as well as red, grey, brown, sable and sea for a flawless look.

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Vote for our 6 favorite copier pants, styled by Angelina Jolie.

1. Pantalon haute Taille à Jambe, large, $69 (on sale) from RW&CO.


2. Yasmine Pants, $69 at Dynamite.

Via Dynamite

3. MOD Pants, $34 at Shein.

Via Shein

4. Pantalon à jambe big et taille haute – Petite – L’intemporelle, $48 (soldier) from Reitmans.

Via Reitmans

5. High-tail pixie pants, $33 at Old Navy.

Via Old Navy

6. Oversized Loose Pants, $20 on Amazon.

Via Amazon

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