Angelina Jolie visits her boutique in New York with her children

Angelina Jolie is accompanied by three of her six children to visit the entire premiere boutique of the Atelier Jolie brand. From a trip to New York, the 48-year-old actress is photographed in the company of her girlfriend Zahara (18 years old) and children Pax (20 years old) and Knox (15 years old).

For this outing in the Big Apple’s East Village, Angelina Jolie wore a mise-sur-le-comfort dress, an all-black ensemble, and a large matlasse bag. If she is accompanied by three children, the actress is equally married to Maddox (22 years old), Shiloh (17 years old) and Vivienne (15 years old, Knox’s younger sister), all of their children are married to Brad Pitt.

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At her New York boutique, Angelina Jolie incorrectly provided various services, including the obvious coin purchases. The exhibition also includes a café run by immigrant or refugee chefs and an art gallery called Page Six. A place to promote art and social interaction that is familiar with the actress who recently confiscated “left Hollywood.”

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Angelina Jolie left Los Angeles

On December 5, in a conversation with Wall Street Journal Magazine, Angelina Jolie admitted that her failure would debut in her career in 2023, “(her n’)aurait pas été actress”: “When I started, I didn’t have a car. available for your full attention when it comes to our privacy. »

My family, separated from Brad Pitt after 2016, is not only a Los Angeles resident, but also a charmed life in Cambodia: “I trained for a long time here, promoting this déjà vu. After the divorce, I lost the ability to live or travel freely. Let’s say I’m peux, je partai. Hollywood doesn’t make sense, it seeks authenticity. »

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As a powerful escort, Angelina Jolie will be on the poster of Pablo Larren’s “Maria” when she debuts in Paris. She embodied the role of the Greek singer Maria Callas.

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