Angelina Jolie’s brother James is ‘organizing her life’ to ‘protect’ the actress’s children

Angelina Jolie and her son James Haven help at the Oscars. (Los Angeles, March 26, 2000) Getty Images

The actor has fun on the podcast 90who10announced the date of December 31, what happened and what could be “imagined” from the words of their new and new children.

Leur separation tonitruante fait la une des tabloïds depuis 2016. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are the effect of a legal battle without mercy, the author of the book Vitikol Domain Name, Miraval Castle and children’s protection. Des heurts qui n’ont pas échappé au grand frère de l’actrice, James Haven, 52 years old. Today I’m having fun on the podcast. 90who10 day on December 31, which understands how to protect the comedian, his children and children Maddox, 22, Pax, 20, Zahara, 18, Shiloh, 17, and Vivienne and Knox, 15.

“Je veux etre la pour eux”

“This is where it all began, for the sake of protection, and the protection of new ones and nieces, according to il déclaré. I organize my life in order to be able to be in the present and not import this situation. Je veux être là pour eux ou elle, quoi qu’elle traverse.” James Haven also reminds us of the importance of “les plus fondatrices” for Angelina Jolie’s children throughout the year. “Ils sont en train de venir de jeunes adultes dans leur prime vingtaine, at-il expliqué. I thought it was nature, that it was only at the moment. À chaque fois que j’ai la chance d’etre en leur presence, je veux le faire.”

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Free in October Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt: secrets of the divorce of the century, do not reveal new details about the incident that led to the separation of the celebrity couple. Following this event, Brad Pitt had an argument with his son and children on a private jet in 2016. He eats, drinks alcohol, auras notamment crie sur sa femme, l’aurait Trapee par la tête et secouée. Il lui aurait par la suite agrippé les épaules, et l’aurait secouée à nouveau. Il aurait également “tenté d’étouffer un des enfants et d’en frapper un autre au visage”, perhaps he lives in the aisles. If the request was opened, the FBI finally dropped charges against Brad Pitt after the agreement was amicable and it was found.

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