Animal vaccination is the key to improving quality

Pork consumption in Colombian homes increased significantly last year, reaching an average of 13 kg per person. As a result of increased demand, national pork production reached 526,000 tons, up 7.2% from 2021.

Behind these achievements is the hard work of Colombian pig farmers who decided to implement advanced production methods and caring for animals.

Colombians value pork for its incomparable taste, excellent quality and affordable price. For this reason, guaranteeing safety anima proteinI am the top priority. In addition to protecting animal health, these safety measures also protect human health by preventing potential meat-borne diseases.

What role does vaccination play in terms of pork quality?

In this context, MSD Animal Health Colombia positions itself as an innovation leader in the Colombian swine industry with the introduction of IDAL®, an innovative needle-free intradermal vaccination system for pigs. This technology represents a significant advance in animal care and health and strengthens MSD Animal Health’s efforts to improve and promote animal welfare in the swine industry.

With IDAL®, the company is moving toward more innovations in disease prevention in the swine industry. Intradermal and needle-free vaccination is a desire to improve the effectiveness and ease of use of vaccines, ensuring better protection and welfare of pigs,” said Juan Felipe Giraldo, National Pork Sales Director, Poultry and Aquaculture from MSD Animal Health, Colombia.

“Our main goal is to ensure animal welfare and ensure safe and healthy animal protein production. To achieve this goal we strive todevelop innovative products and use advanced technologies that ensure a healthy production chain,” Giraldo said.

In addition, information from these electronic devices can be synchronized with mobile devices, allowing for better and easier monitoring of the situation. Thus, MSD Animal Health in Colombia continues to provide solutions that simplify the management of the nation’s pork production companies while ensuring animal welfare and the safety of animal protein for human consumption.

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Research has shown that this intradermal system reduces stress in pigs and provides an immune response to intramuscular vaccination traditional without the risk of damaging muscle tissue, since the vaccine is stored in the skin. The risk of abscesses and meat crises is also reduced.

Meanwhile, needle-free intradermal vaccination helps improve processes in production facilities and reduce animal stress during vaccination. This is an important achievement in the fight and prevention diseases affecting pig farms worldwide, improving pork production, protecting the welfare and well-being of pigs, and ensuring the quality and safety of animal protein for Colombian consumers.

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