Anne Hathaway, catwalk party queen

Ann Hataway The newcomer turns out to be the next generation of an incredible actress with the same fashion sense… She is also the queen of the dance floor. This weekend at Fashion Week autumn-winter 2024-2025 in Milan, as well as at the evening after the Versace fashion show, l’actrice du Diable s’habille at Prada It is worth highlighting the afterparty of a luxurious house. In a video posted on Twitter, the voice can be heard on Anaconda. Nicki Minaj, chantant les paroles: “Oh, my God. Look at her ass. “Author d’elle, la foule est réunie et l’acclame.


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It’s not a premiere when Anne Hathaway shines like a pas de danser at a fashion show party. Getting to know these events in the genre of the grace of the son who succeeded in that actress who was the most Australian, and was a girl in fashion, and she became an accomplished sensation of the last night at the evening of the Valentino fashion week catwalk show. from Paris. Vêtue d’un leopard de la tête aux pieds, on pu la voir danser et chanter la célèbre phrase “Voulez-vous Coucher avec moi” du Tube “Lady Marmalade”.

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