Anne Hathaway, Parfait’s assistant, not the whole world can respect

Anne Hathaway, Parfait’s Assistant, Not the whole world is open – the cover story of RUNWAY MAGAZINE 2024. Speech by Eleanor de Gray, Chef of RUNWAY REVUE. Photo credit: Valentino/Runway Magazine/Jamie Wilson Productions. The cover features Anne Hathaway wearing a Valentino fall 2024 dress.

In an astonishing tour that rivals the big screen’s Princess-to-Mechanist turn, Anne Hathaway’s performance as Parfen’s Assistant couldn’t be more revered the world over in life on Broadway. Prepared by Anne Hathaway, assistant to Anna Wintour.

Couverture du Magazine 2024 runway Anne Hathaway, assistant parfait, does not advertise the world, but respectsRunway Magazine 2024 Cover Anne Hathaway Is Everyone's Dream Assistant
Couverture du Magazine 2024 runway Anne Hathaway, assistant parfait, does not advertise the world, but respects

Maybe you appreciate Anna Wintour if she is a volunteer in the script of “The Devil”, which can be found at Prada, and read what jadis écarté has?

Alors pourquoi Anne Wintour, reigning fashion, at-elle soudainement decidé de laisser Anne Hathaway, pseudonym “The Princess Diaries”, met Le Diable s’habille at Prada, became his temporary employee? La faute à la folie de Broadway, or comme nous aimons l’appeler, au Gutenberg! Musical phenomenon.

Vogue’s assistant never thought it was necessary

Picture this: Anne Wintour, chef’s editorial stand, pavanante on stage at the James Earle Theater on Anne Hathaway’s cats. Scenario? Two authors dream of making it big on Broadway under the direction of Johannes Gutenberg, with a surprise Broadway producer at the end of the show. Among Anna Wintour is Hathaway, who acts as a “helper” in the public’s stupor.

At the moment when Miranda Priestly’s suir was born, Hathaway, with a narcotic suir, demanded: “Toujours? comme pour dire: “Oui, je suis de retour en mode Assistant, les amis! Published éclate de rire et soudain, le monde impitoyable de la mode est devenu une comédie, Hathaway serves partly égales l’audace et le rêve.

“Famous Broadway producer and assistant. Nous mangeons des rêves”, as Hathaway stated, prouvant que même l’industrie de la mode acharnée, perhaps a humorous accompaniment should be avoided. Déplacez-vous, Prada – the opposite is on your menu.

No more laughter is heard. Devil in Prada, a film that was never made, was reinvented as a musical comedy under the direction of Tony Award winner Jerry Mitchell. And divine, what? The play will be performed at London’s Dominion Theater in October 2024, with an avant-garde premiere at Plymouth’s Coulomb l’êté Theatre. Elton John’s musical works were created for avant-garde spectacle.

In Anne Hathaway’s world, her Oscar-winning roles could easily be replaced by those of actress Anna Wintour, anything is possible. Who most appreciates Vogue’s favorite assistant, the perfect and unique Anne Hathaway? Ou est-ce le seul et unique RUNWAY? ..

Jerry Mitchell Producer of New Musical Comedy Jerry Mitchell Producer of New Musical Devil Wears Prada 2024 Runway Magazine
Jerry Mitchell is the producer of the new musical comedy The Devil Wears Prada 2024

Runway Magazine

Attendez… attez… Dans un rebondissement que même la diva la plus féroce de la mode applaud, Runway Le magazine is the empty pages of high fashion and this is the deepest thing in the chaotic world of “Le Diable s’habille en Prada”.

Oubliez d’emprunter une tasse de sucre; Runway is a neat name under a name in a book, in a movie, in a musical comedy style, and probably in the style of Miranda Priestly’s morning café team.

Hollywood, which has never been a genre opposed to glamour, has turned the runway into a red tapestry. And just at this moment or your thoughts Runway On ne peut plus extra, it launches into the post-production of musical comedies, turning a fashion faux pas into a symphony of style.

Qui aurait cru que que notre Magazine pourrait être une muse si généreuse, laissant la morosité des theaters d’Hollywood, Broadway et de London se in demand, si Runway La prochaine étape implies avant-garde fusée vers la lune? Parlez d’atteindre les étoiles avec des talons aiguilles!

Later I published the cities of Westminster, Covent Garden, Royom University.

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