Anne Hathaway shoots for Vanity Fair in solidarity with Condé Nast employees in Greve

Anne Hathaway remains faithful to her son Andy in his life Le Diable s’habille at Prada. American actress at a party in captivity, photo for the session Vanity Fair lorsqu’elle tells Condé Nast employees who are waiting for the magazine, étaient en grève. Upon arriving in New York at the filming location, the actress does not yet suspect that she is still in suspense.

“Princess of Evil” with Anne Hathaway, film “Aura droit à un troisième”

When she was riding the train with beautiful hair and makeup, she was a teacher among the members of the acting syndicate, la SAG-AFTRA. “It’s just the slightest step away from the phaeton and this part. Ils n’avaient même pas encore start a la prendre en photo »to find the source a Diversity.

Son este est d’autant plus fort qu’Anne Hathaway is a celebrity to help you become a young assistant working in a fashion magazine runway Dance Le Diable s’habille at Prada. The film, released in 2006, is a caricature of Fashionwhich is typical of life at Condé Nast.

“Staff in Sadness” makes references to films in songs and banners, comme on le voit dans la vidéo ci-dessusfar ahead of Anne Hathaway and her photo shoot.

300 licensed people

Condé Nast Union pays tribute to the actress for her support on Twitter:

Yeah runway avait eu un syndicat, Le Diable s’habille at Prada the aura lasted 30 seconds. Mercy Anne Hathaway is one you can’t ignore.

This is a serious step in accordance with the decision of Condé Nast de licicier 5% of the workforce, that is, about 300 people. The syndicate accuses the management of its members of taking 20% ​​of the licenses of the syndicates’ employees.

A total of 400 journalists and salaries will be released on Tuesday, January 23. “loyalty practices”. It does not appeal to website visitors Vogue, Vanity Fair, GQ, Glamorand other group pendant titles 24 hours.

To see only the south HuffPost :

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The Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift sign is no longer visible in the area.

VIDEO – Anne Hathaway: This is a radical reward decision for the benefit of her son

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