Anne Hathaway’s trick to rejuvenate her face

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    There are only two days left before spring begins and this desire for good weather is transferred to the outfits who choose the celebrities. Pastel colors take over your outfits and freshness and clarity predominate in their makeup.

    The last one that has wanted to give a great show of enthusiasm for the arrival of the new station has been Anne Hathaway. The actress, who always makes inspiring choices when it comes to walking down the red carpet, went on March 17 to the premiere of the production in which he stars alongside Jared Leto, we crashedfrom AppleTV.

    global premiere of apple tv crashed

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    Before the spotlights, the interpreter was spectacular with a tight blue midi dress that exposed her legs through a large opening. As a most special detail, the dress incorporates a large cut out central through which you can see her sculpted belly. The actress combined this spring tone with accessories in black, to match the bralette of the garment itself. In a few words, a minimalist and simple style where she was the protagonist.

    And if your outfits It was quite right, look of beauty reinforced its image with a strategy that we want to copy. And it is that her makeup hides a great trick that loads Hathaway’s face with youth without the need to undergo surgery or undergo facial infiltrations. Everything is advantages!

    Anne Hathaway

    The actress of ‘We crushed’, smiling.

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    The actress, who is characterized by the wintry contrast produced by her dark hair on her porcelain skin, wanted to break with that cold aesthetic without neglecting the tones that best suit her. And she not only did she get it, but she did it in a way that she took years off her face from a brushstroke. To do this, she highlighted her brown eyes by applying a shadow of the same tone. But where the key really lies is in your lips and cheeks. The interpreter opted for a pink tone for both.

    In the central area of ​​the cheekbones, she applied a very flattering cold tone for the colors naturally present in her – Remember, that the blush must be applied without smiling. If not, when we stop making it ours, it will be perceived as fallen. To enhance this commitment to spring, he chose a medium pink also for his lips, he opted for a fairly saturated shade with a matte finish that makes her mouth have enough presence in the makeup.

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    By coordinating the color of her cheeks and lips with this oh-so-spring pink, Anne rejuvenates her face in one easy gesture. His face radiates youth and health, since these types of tones are associated with the color that the skin gives off when it is healthy and cared for. In the case of Anne, as she belongs to a cold colorimetry, she correctly chooses pink tones (purple could also have worked), but this trick can be replicated in the same way on warm skin by opting for coral tones, another indisputable symbol of spring. .

    On the glow blush



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    A guy extra to make sure the color of the blush and the lipstick combine perfectly is to use the same products. It can opt for multi-purpose sticks that are marketed to apply to cheeks and lipsor it is also possible to put a few touches of our favorite lipstick on the cheeks with our fingers, so that it blends perfectly.

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