Another night of terror in Ecuador: car bombs, kidnapped police officers and threats to the President from prisons

People set a vehicle on fire at a gas station in Esmeraldas, northern Ecuador.

Criminal gangs have declared war on the state and have committed a number of acts that can be described as terrorist against the government Daniel Noboa, On Monday night and Tuesday morning, January 9, four police officers were kidnapped in Ecuador and about a hundred magistrate officers were in prisons still held by prisoners. A new message was broadcast to the new President from the criminals controlling one of the prisons: “You have just started a bloody war,” Hear

involved in terrorist acts Car bombing and vehicle incineration In Esmeraldas, Cuenca, Loja, Quito and Guayaquil. The explosion of a device on a pedestrian bridge in Quito and the kidnapping of three police officers in Machala and one police officer in Quito were also recorded. An explosion was reported Tuesday morning in a patrol car on a highway in Quevedo, on the Ecuadorian coast.

Members of criminal gangs threaten to kill any military or police person seen on the street at night.

In Riobamba, 216 kilometers south of Quito, 39 prisoners escaped from that city’s prison, including Fabricio Colon PicoTo which the Attorney General had pointed out, Diana Salazar, as confirmed by the city’s mayor, John Vinueza, wanted to kill him. Colón Pico, alias El Salvaje, has an extensive criminal record and was captured on January 5. He is one of the leaders of Los Lobos, the country’s most violent criminal group.

At the same time, prisoners continue to occupy Ecuador’s jails. The prison service said prison officers were in custody in the prisons of Loja, El Oro, Chimborazo, Cotopaxi and Azuay.

in Azuay, from Turi prison, which is controlled Wolves The prisoners issued a message to the President: “Just as you do not care about the lives of those deprived of liberty in Ecuador, we do not care about the lives of your officers: prison guides and police. Your state of exception does not frighten us. we are already dead“The hooded man can be heard saying in the video. The criminal “recommended” citizens not to go out at night because criminal gangs will encounter law enforcement on the street. He also said that the police and military “They will face consequences never seen before in the entire history of Ecuador, In the same recording, an alleged guide detained while covered in a hood asks President Noboa to protect his life: “We are innocent.”

On the far left of the screen, in the front row, a prisoner threatens the guard with a knife, threatening to cut his throat. It appears the officer’s condition deteriorated amid the dramatic scene.

Police officer Gomez Alberto is kidnapped by criminals. Three police officers were also abducted in Machala.

me too valley An explosive was detonated in front of the apartment of Ivan Saquisela, president of the National Court of Justice, who confirmed the incident to Infobae and announced that he still did not know whether it was a direct threat or a coincidence. However, he announced that he had informed the Minister of the Interior and Government Monica Palência about the matter.

Police said they caught up with anti-social people who had left a suitcase behind the San Martín community police unit in Quito and set it on fire. After searching them, police seized: a firearm, 16 blocks of explosives and 2 telephone equipment.

The car was burned in Isla Trinitaria, Guayaquil’s red zone.

terrorist acts occur after phyto aka leekLeader of Los Choneros from a prison in Guayaquil.

civil forum SOS Prisons reported on “There is an alliance between the government of Daniel Noboa and Los Choneros.”

Similarly, SOS Carsales reported that “the sentencing guides in all prisons in the Ecuadorian Sierra reflect the power of the organized crime group Los Lobos and the reform of Daniel Noboa’s government… This is the beginning of the war, as our sources tell us. That the President is associated with Fito.

The Presidency has not yet issued any statement.

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