Another one is being added, how many are there? The Honduran National League is filled with Panamanians for the 2024 Clausura.

Striker Eric Rodriguez signed a contract with Hibos del Victoria and became the latest to join the Canalera legion in Catracho football. More could come…

Teams National League chose a new market for this transfer window, so the tournament Closing 2024 It will have a Panamanian flavor like never before in Honduran football.

A great moment that experiences channel selection confirmed by representation CAI At the last Central American Cup, interest in football players of this nationality was awakened in the region, and Honduras was no exception.

After major teams in the Catracho area announced their recruitment, Sports Club Victoria joined the “Panamania” by using the services of an attacker Eric Rodriguez 26 years.

This footballer comes froml CD Universatorio his country and plays on the left wing, making him a natural replacement Alexy Vegawho until this season was a figure of the dairy team.

Rodriguez is the fifth player of Panamanian origin to be nominated by the National League for the Clausura tournament. In the same window it was added Javier Rivera to the marathon, Jorge Serrano in Motagua and Carlos Small to Real Spain; Portulac goalkeeper Cesar Zamudio opened the door to this market.

The winter window will run until the end of the month, and with just a few days left before the championship, which is due to start on January 20, it is possible that new players will arrive from the Central American country.

Exactly, Marathon This is the team that is closest to signing another Panamanian. Purslanes are negotiating with CAI Panama for midfielder Hector Hurtadowith whom his arrival has already been agreed, however, the question is how this transaction will be paid for, since it will be a transfer with the option of purchase, like all the others.

Motagua are interested in the national team scorer CAI, Victor Avila, who is very close to Serrano, a player who recently signed with the Blues. However, the Eagles made no moves in favor of Canalero’s national team and the current MVP of his league.

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