Another threat from Hamas: it warned that unless Israel stops attacks on Gaza, the hostages will not be returned alive

Hamas warned that the hostages will not be returned alive unless Israel completely stops attacks on Gaza (EFE)

Hamas Warned again this Wednesday israel That, until you finish all your RequirementsThe hostages they won’t come back alive For your country. Osama Hamdan, a senior official of the terrorist group, insisted that Tel Aviv must abide by its terms otherwise some 132 civilians it still holds would die in captivity.

The pro-Iran group’s message came just a day after the US Secretary of State, anthony blinkenmet the prime minister benjamin netanyahu and other members of his cabinet were appointed to debate the progress of the war and act as mediators toward a peaceful resolution and a new ceasefire.

“I think Hamas can and will compromise. This is something we are focusing on with Qatar and Egypt,” the US official confidently announced before leaving for the West Bank.

According to sources close to the new agreement under negotiation (Europa Press), Hamas demands a complete halt to the Israeli attack on Gaza and the deportation of its senior commanders.

Similarly, this Wednesday the Israeli War Cabinet met in Tel Aviv’s Kirya with the aim of evaluating the proposal for a new agreement brought by Doha officials, who also acted as mediators in the last agreement in late November , which allowed the release of 105 people.

In line with the demands previously stated by Hamdan, this agreement will include the following stop fire Total Israel also on Gaza Strip Exile of Hamas leadership, However, the Tel Aviv executive is firm on its rejection of a complete cessation of hostilities in the Palestinian enclave and, on the contrary, is only agreeing to a temporary agreement, as was the case months ago, in order to guarantee the safe exit of civilians. Imprisoned.

Furthermore, the Defense Forces established on the first day of the war that its ultimate goal is the complete eradication of the terrorist enemy in order to eliminate any form of threat against its State in the Strip and maintain control over the enclave or representative. He rules as he believes.

After meeting with Blinken, Israel is studying a new ceasefire proposal sent by Qatar (Reuters)

On the latter, an issue Blinken addressed with allies during his tour — including Mahmoud Abbas, who called for reforming the Palestinian National Authority to “take responsibility in Gaza” and unifying it with the West Bank under the same leadership. A senior Hamas official said in recent hours that “the Palestinian people are the masters of their own decisions.”

Discussions on the new agreement take place four days before the deadline. 100 days in prison The number of hostages after the massacre on 7 October.

Since then, the families have held marches and meetings in Tel Aviv squares and pressured the executive to intensify its efforts to free them. This Wednesday they also organized a mass prayer at the Western Wall in Jerusalem and an even bigger demonstration is planned for the weekend, when the 100 days will be celebrated.

While these diplomatic efforts are taking place, the military in Gaza continues its offensive in the center and south, where militants are still active and hindering their progress.

Israel Defense Forces complete operation in Khuza outside Khan Yunis

In the last hours, the 5th Reserve Brigade reported that it had completed its operation khuza’aon the outskirts of Khan Yunis, after destroying hundreds of vital pieces of enemy infrastructure, eliminating several operatives, and seizing rocket launchers and weapons depots.

Also, Lieutenant Colonel Avichai Adrai confirmed that they had raided the luxurious home of the deputy head of the Hamas military wing in the center of the Strip, which is “proof of the complete disconnect between the group’s leaders, who live a life of luxury and Enjoy immense wealth, and a large section of Gaza’s population, which calls for help through donations and international aid.

(with information from EFE)

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