Anti-Semitism on US campuses: Columbia University revokes a Jewish professor’s entry permit

Columbia University revokes Professor Shai Davidi’s work permit

Assistant Professor at Columbia University Shai DavidaiWas banned from campus after attempting to lead a pro-Israel rally at the prestigious Ivy League institution.

Davidi, born in Israel and a professor at Columbia Business School Criticism of the administrative response to the current anti-Israel student protests.

Davidi made this revelation while expressing his disappointment at the crowd of pro-Israel protesters who gathered at the campus gate. Your access card was “deactivated” Trying to get into college in Morningside Heights.

According to Davidi’s own statements, university administrators told him that Banned from entering the premises Due to concerns for his safety, anger spread among him and his supporters.

“Today Columbia refused to let me come to campus. Because Because they cannot protect my safety as a Jewish teacher. It’s 1938″Social Network

According to Davidi’s own statements, university administrators told him he was being banned from campus due to concerns for his safety, sparking outrage among both him and his supporters.

“Colombia is an unsafe place for me right now. “This is also a place where the pro-Hamas terrorist organization rounds up protesters and brainwashes them about me,” he said.

Columbia University canceled in-person classes on Monday and an uproar New exhibits on other university campuses in the United States Tension is continuously increasing regarding Israel’s war in Gaza.

Protesters protested throughout the weekend on the campus of the Ivy League school in New York City, where police arrested more than 100 pro-Palestine protesters who had set up camp last week.

Since those arrests, pro-Palestinian protesters have set up camps at other campuses across the country, including the University of Michigan, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Yale University, where several dozen protesters were arrested Monday morning after authorities said they tried to stop. Violated the warnings. ,

The incidents occurred hours before kick-off on Monday night The Jewish holiday of Pesach.

President of Colombia, minooche shafiq, In a message to the school community on Monday she said she was “deeply saddened” by what was happening on campus.

Protests have taken place on several university campuses since Hamas’ deadly attack on southern Israel on October 7 (Reuters/Caitlin Ochs)

“To reduce rancor and give us all an opportunity to consider next steps, I announce all classes Will be held virtually on MondayShafiq wrote. He said faculty and staff should work remotely when possible and students who do not live on campus should stay remote.

Since then, protests have been taking place on many university campuses Hamas’ deadly attack on October 7 against southern Israel, when militants killed about 1,200 people, most of them civilians, and took about 250 hostage. In response, Israel has killed more than 34,000 Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, according to the local health ministry, which does not distinguish between combatants and non-combatants but says at least two-thirds of the dead were children and Are women.

Protests at US universities have tested The line between freedom of expression and inclusion. They have also led to calls by some Muslim students and their allies for schools to condemn the Israeli attack on Gaza, and confrontation with some Jewish students say they no longer feel supported or safe on campus, as anti-Semitism is on the rise.

on Sunday, ellie buechlerThe rabbi of the Orthodox Union’s Jewish Learning Initiative at Columbia sent a WhatsApp message to about 300 Jewish students and advised them to go home until it was safe for them to be on campus.

nicholas bomThe 19-year-old Jewish newcomer to a Jewish theological seminary being built two blocks from Columbia’s Morningside Heights campus said he Protesters over the weekend were “calling for Hamas to destroy Tel Aviv and Israel.” He said some of the protesters shouting anti-Semitic slurs were not students.

“Jews are afraid of Colombia. Its as simple as that. “Zionism has been greatly maligned, and this extends to the malignity of Judaism.”Said.

(With information from AP)

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