Antibiotic Resistance, Dr. Chivato

CEU San Pablo University School of Medicine Dean Dr. Thomas Chivato warns of antibiotic resistance in bacteria

Today I wanted to talk to you about a serious public health problem we have that may be getting worse: antibiotic resistance. antibiotics saved millions of lives thanks to Alexander Flemingdiscoverer of penicillin and all other antibiotics that appeared throughout the 20th century and early 21st century.

They are already starting to be called super bacteriawhich are able to resist all types of antibiotics, and the number of deaths due to these superbugs is starting to increase significantly. What we can do? First of all, use antibiotics if necessary.

In winter, we have two types of respiratory infections: those caused by bacteria and those caused by viruses. And it is not necessary to use antibiotics to treat a cold. flu. Why don’t they respond to these antibiotics? If we use them for diseases that are not indicated, the bacteria may become resistant even with the duration of treatment. treatment.

When your doctor prescribes specific antibiotic, you must complete the treatment. It is also easier for allergies to develop in the future. Therefore, let’s use everything more rationally these medicines for example, to prevent the spread of superbugs, which will cause infection deaths to outweigh the environmental threat in the future.

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